Dwapara Yuga Proof

Dwapara Yuga Proof

Now I understand. Yes, it's clear in my mind. We have entered the energy age of Dwapara Yuga. What makes me so sure, you ask? I have proof through the gentle touch of my wife, Nayaswami Dharmadevi.

This past Tuesday evening, Divine Mother, through Dharmadevi, played a game with me. I was going to assist Nayaswami Devarshi in leading a book study group on his new release, "Kriya Yoga: Spiritual Awakening for the New Age."

As I pulled out of our gravel driveway, instead of driving through Ananda's property with paved roads to Devarshi's dwelling on the other side of Ananda, I decided to take a shortcut through the backway to get to his home more quickly.

However, in haste, I turned too early, and my car got stuck on a dirt ledge. Having been driving in the city for too long, I forgot that in rural areas, your car can actually get stuck! 

The front right tire was slightly off the ground, and consequently the car would not move. Panic did not set in, but this was, as they say, "No bueno." I kept trying to reverse, but the car wouldn't budge. Uh-oh, now I was running the risk of being late for the book study with Devarshi!

So, I ran back inside and calmly informed Dharmadevi of my predicament. I told her I thought we could get it out together if I pushed while she steered with the car in neutral. We went to the car together.

"Try putting it in neutral, and I'll push," I exclaimed with Kali Yuga caveman-like confidence as I crouched in front of the hood ready to put my weight behind it.

Dharmadevi responded with calm poise, "Wait a minute, I'm going to try 'slip-start' driving mode."

“What’s slip-start mode?” I thought to myself.

With a gentle touch of Dwapara Yuga energy, she tapped the touch screen display a few times and engaged “Slip-Start.” This activated the motor for the back tires which were on the ground. She then placed the car in reverse and calmly backed off the dirt ledge without my assistance.

I was blown away, literally and figuratively! If there ever was clear proof of the dawn of Dwapara Yuga, this was it. 

So the next time you try to push your way through an obstacle, pause, and wait for Divine Mother's healing touch on the screen of your consciousness.

Oh, and if you get stuck in a ditch, Dharmadevi will be there to rescue you!

Joy to you!

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