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True Cause of Stress Everyone Should Know About So You Can Be Free from Stress Forever, The

True Cause of Stress Everyone Should Know About So You Can Be Free from Stress Forever, The

What Causes Stress?

Is stress caused by traffic? A car accident? A demanding job? Difficult people? Illnesses? ­

How about losing a job? A loved one? A relationship?

What about global events like wars and terror attacks?

For many of us, experiencing one or more of the above would certainly be stressful.

But are situations like those the source of stress?

If not, what is?

The answer to this question may surprise you.

Yet, understanding its profound wisdom can lead you on a powerful self-healing journey and ultimately enable you to free yourself forever from stress.



Are you intrigued?

Please read on.

The Root Cause of Stress

In his book Solving Stress, Kraig Brockschmidt declares that stress is not inherent in any situation or circumstance, regardless of how undesirable, but rather, stress arises from our desire to control these situations.

The origin of stress then is not anything outside of ourselves, but has everything to do with our inner resistance to the way things are.

Here is an excerpt.

Being stuck in stop-and-go traffic does not force us to become angry or impatient; a demanding boss does not force us to feel frustrated or unappreciated; airplane turbulence does not force us to be frightened; noise, pollution, and even the direct physical effects of such things do not force us to become upset or irritated.

Even traumatic events like an automobile accident, a heart attack, or an act of terrorism do not force us to respond in any particular way.

Conditions simply do not dictate our response to them. “Well, OK,” you say, “but some things are universal, right? I mean, wouldn’t torture and starvation and imprisonment stress out anyone?” Actually, no. Although such circumstances might be unbearable for the vast majority of us, there are plenty of notable exceptions.

And I’m not just talking about someone like Jesus here, or the many great saints who endured tremendous suffering. I’m talking about people who, for example, risk their own lives for the sake of helping others.

I’m talking about many people who, when put to extreme and even life-threatening tests, make the decision to respond positively rather than let those circumstances destroy them.*

In other cases, people who find the strength in themselves to go on after a traumatic loss often fare better than those given extensive psychological counseling to help them cope with the after-effects of those experiences. (Of course, such counseling can be very helpful for those who aren’t able to connect with their own inner strength and thus need to draw strength from others.)

The bottom line here is that stress is entirely a matter of one’s chosen response to a potential stressor, whatever it might be. I say potential stressor here because, again, stress is not inherent in any situation or condition. (Even death is oftentimes a welcome release). Rather, stress is inherent in our desire to control those conditions.

Stress arises whenever we try to control the world around us rather than cooperate with what’s really happening.

The Solutions

Unlike most stress-management programs or books written on the same topic, Solving Stress does not propose that stress is something we should live with and therefore should work toward reducing, managing, or avoiding. (How can one possibly avoid life?)

Rather, Kraig Brockschmidt offers to solve stress, to eliminate it for good.

Through simple, easy-to-follow techniques, Solving Stress offers proven, effective, long-lasting solutions that have the potential to permanently free one from stress.

This book uniquely addresses the practitioner—YOU—and not anything outside of yourself, by offering simple and effective tools to retrain your reactions to stressors.

Instead of reacting with tension, you will learn to react with calmness and relaxation, giving you direct, individual control over stress, and simultaneously activating your body’s self-healing processes.

Solving Stress teaches you how to reduce present stress, reverse harmful effects of past stress, and prevent most future stress.

You will step out of the stress cycle, recover your personal well-being, and transform your relationship with the demands of an active life.

These techniques, if practiced regularly, can be a game changer, as they have the potential to transform one’s consciousness so profoundly, allowing the practitioner to permanently break free from stress, and to live a deeply joyous, peaceful, fulfilled life . . . beyond imagination.


Here is what others are saying about Solving Stress:

“Long lasting solutions that address the underlying causes of stress, and not merely the symptoms. Kraig Brockschmidt offers you a proven, practical, clear-minded approach to taking charge of your life, and your reactions to it. You can put these powerful techniques and simple strategies to work right away!”

—Gyandev McCord, author of Spiritual Yoga: Awakening to Higher Awareness

“Simple yet powerful techniques that change your experience of daily life. Even a few of these practical steps will bring transformative results.”

—New Renaissance Bookshop, Portland, Oregon

“I testify to the validity, power, and effectiveness of these techniques. As a professional cellist and director, I have found that these simple techniques not only turn the tables on the stress of performing, but also connect me to a joy never thought imaginable.”

—David Eby, professional cellist, director, instructor at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon

To purchase Solving Stress, please click here.

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