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How to Arise from Your Dreams of Littleness and Awaken to Your Own Omnipresent Nature

Awaken to Your Own Omnipresent Nature The little centuries of human years are but days, nay, a few hours, in God’s consciousness. Wake up! Arise from dreams of littleness to the realization of the...

Is Eternal Happiness Possible? If Yes, Where Can We Find It?

The Lover of God Is Always Thinking of God Just as the pianist is always thinking of her music, so the lover of God is always thinking of God. That joy feeds the brain, the heart, and the soul. Th...

Becoming Your Best Self: A Sacred Invitation from Paramhansa Yogananda

You Are the Infinite, Which Has Become the Body Come out of your closed chamber of limitation. Breathe in the fresh air of vital thoughts. Exhale poisonous thoughts of disappointment, discontentme...

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