Union with God through Marriage by Paramhansa Yogananda

Spiritual Marriage Means Union with God, Soul, and Spirit

Spiritual marriage means union with God, soul, and spirit. Marriage is not a man-made law. It is God-made. Man has abused the high purpose of marriage. Marriage means unity on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. If you attract a person by spiritual magnetism, then you will meet your soul companion.

Unless human love is spiritualized, it will be a canker in your soul. Unless you are spiritually minded and your mate is the same, you can never be happy. Spiritual marriage means to marry your soul to the eternal love of God. Without God, marriage cannot succeed.

The purpose of marriage is to know God, and to be together in God. Unfortunately, this truth has been forgotten.

When you have formed with a person a deep friendship that nothing can destroy, a friendship that has no compulsion in it and that increases constantly, you have found a true mate.

God Is a Love Greater than the Combined Love of All Lovers

God is a love greater than the combined love of all lovers who have ever loved. If you learn the higher forms of meditation, you can have spiritual marriage: union with God, the most beautiful love of all.

Remember, no marriage can achieve its true purpose unless the husband and wife seek God first together. In marriage, love also grows by service to each other. When a husband and wife serve each other with the eternal inspiration of God, that is true, spiritual marriage.

People who rise above the physical plane and continuously strengthen the love of their souls find their oneness in God. When the love of two persons burns as one flame, than it has intoxicating eternal qualities. That marriage which is lived in self-control and intense spiritual preparation becomes emancipated.

Excerpted from How to Love and Be Loved by Paramhansa Yogananda

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