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The Surest Way to Prosperity

Do not wander aimlessly, lost in the jungle of life, constantly bleeding your happiness with the thorns of new desires. You must find the goal of your life and the shortest road which leads you there.

The Philosopher's Stone

From Clarity Magazine – Winter, 2008 The Philosopher’s Stone A proud prince and his large retinue galloped into a Hindustan jungle on a hunting expedition. After bagging many game birds and anima...

The Mysterious Devotee: A True Story

The Mysterious Devotee: A True Story by Bharat Cornell From Clarity Magazine – Summer, 2007 Article Index In September 2004, my wife, Anandi, and I welcomed a mysterious, unannounced visitor to our...

The New Path: Chapter 31

“A new scripture has been born!” Master spoke ecstatically. His commentary on the Bhagavad Gita had been finished. In three months of unbroken dictation he had completed 1,500 pages. “I told Mi...

The Hidden Reality Within

This article is excerpted from a talk in which Swami Kriyananda speaks about how the emerging discoveries of the new age can help us find the hidden realities of our own being.

The Devotion of a Master

When Paramhansa Yogananda was a mere boy, he cried for the Divine Mother's love as few men cry even for worldly possessions. Whole days he would spend in thinking only of Her. When he could, he rem...

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