Superalignment with the Supreme Being

Superalignment with the Supreme Being

Have you ever felt like things weren’t quite in sync? Maybe you've sought a chiropractor's assistance to align your spine and alleviate discomfort.

Did you know that within the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there exists a concept known as "superalignment"? Superalignment is where efforts are made to train AI to operate in harmony with human values.

This notion of superalignment in AI echoes our pursuit of spiritual superalignment. The teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and the saints of all religions call us to awaken to our highest potential: our super Self.

"Be ye therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect." 

Where does this perfection reside? How do we align with the perfection of "our father in heaven"? Firstly, we must recognize where true perfection lies. Paramhansa Yogananda explains:

"The immortal children of God became unaware of their perfect immortality and, instead, desired mortal perfection. Their desires for human satisfaction cause souls to reincarnate again and again, according to the law of cause and effect, which governs desires. This law of cause and effect, the law of Karma (action), has kept souls imprisoned on earth in Satan’s kingdom of finitude."
-Karma & Reincarnation by Paramhansa Yogananda

Christ speaks not of mortal perfection, but of the perfection of the soul. This can only be achieved through superalignment: a perfect alignment and attunement with our soul's nature.

How can we attain superalignment? Through meditation. Yet, not just any meditation suffices, as Yogananda stressed, but "deeper, longer, thirsty guru-given meditation." Depth, he emphasized, is the principal aspect of our meditation. Gradually extending the time spent in meditation as we delve deeper is vital. However, the key lies in thirsting for deeper and longer meditations. And the key to depth and length is the desire or thirst to want to meditate in the first place. 

An excellent opportunity for such a deeper, longer, guru-given meditation is the all-day Christmas meditation. Consider it as a gateway to superalignment with our soul's nature: the light of Christ within.

We warmly invite you to join us, either in person or online, for the Christmas meditation on Saturday, December 23rd. Let us celebrate spiritual Christmas by embracing the birth of Christ consciousness—a divine love in our hearts, illumination in our minds, and joy in our souls.

Your feast of superalignment with the soul shall be served on the altar of silent devotion.

With Love in Christ,

Nayaswami Narayan

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