Boosting Immune System

Yogananda on the Best Diet to Strengthen Your Immune System and Improve Your Health

Right Attitude toward Diet

We must strike a balance between non-attachment to outer things and sensible concern for our present realities. So long as a person is centered in body-consciousness, he must take sensible care of his body.

It is important spiritually, also, to take reasonable physical precautions. Proper diet, proper exercise, fresh air, and sunlight: these things are necessary for a well-rounded existence.

Make God, not food, your religion. Many faddists only weaken their systems by depending excessively on dietary principles: “Oh!” they’ll cry, “I didn’t get my avocado today; my spine feels weak!” That very preoccupation with secondary matters only weakens their will power. Their very attitude toward life becomes spineless!

Such concern for superficialities is like working to seal the cracks in a plaster wall when termites are eating away at the foundation!

The Importance of Natural Foods

If the stimulation of Life Energy is responsible for man’s well-being, why is food so important? All cells, including those in the food we eat, have latent intelligence and can influence our minds and brain cells. Natural foods like raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts have a harmonious and strengthening effect on the mind and permit the Life Energy to flow unimpeded through the body.

Meat, which retains the vibration of the pain, fear, and anger of the dying animal, and denatured foods are irritating and disturbing to the equilibrium of the mind, which is thus robbed of its birthright of power to direct Life Energy to heal any part of the body. While food itself cannot heal, natural foods indirectly produce health by keeping the mind calm, thus permitting Life Energy to flow unobstructed.

Magnetism and Right Diet

In order to have magnetism, keep your body free from poisons. If your body is filled with poisons, your energy is more or less bound up. Try to clean out those poisons. If you are clean within, then your energy can be displayed through your eyes, your face, and your body.

You must pay attention to your diet. Raw food produces magnetism. Coconut produces lots of magnetism. Beets, spinach, and lettuce are full of vitality and give you magnetism.

Too much meat causes you to lose your magnetism because animal magnetism tampers with your spiritual magnetism. Meat causes you to concentrate on the physical plane to much, and you tend to attract physical companions instead of spiritual ones.

Meat also over-stimulates sexual desire. If you eat a little bit of meat it won’t hurt you, but if you make it a habit of eating it daily, it will destroy your magnetic qualities. Eat good meat substitutes, including more nuts and nutmeat combinations.

Too much starchy food and protein retains the poisons in the body. Eating freely of fruits and vegetables can help you develop magnetism. Fruits are even more magnetized than vegetables. They are filled with sunshine and vital energy.

Overeating is bad. Fasting is very good, as it gives the stomach a rest. Your eyes and your whole body will be magnetized by the kind of food you eat.

Excerpted from How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality by Paramhansa Yogananda

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