Webinar Series: Healing with Life Force Volume 1: Prana

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What You Will Gain:
- Engage in an in-depth study and discussion of each part of Volume One alongside the author and other experts.
- Learn to recognize the signs of wellness and the symptoms of disease.
- Discover how to harness Life Force to maintain health, stay alert, and remain dynamically active.
- Master quick and effective Energization shortcuts.
- Understand the role of meditation in contributing to your health.
- Receive an overview of Yogananda’s dietary recommendations.
- Get guidelines for fasting and purification.
- Enjoy the opportunity to ask questions and discuss key points from the book.

Webinar Schedule:

June 9: Introduction to Healing with Life Force: Prana
Read: Part I, Chapters One through Five
Kick off the series with an introduction to the foundational concepts of Life Force healing as outlined in the first chapters.

June 16: Signs of Wellness, Symptoms of Disease
Read: Part I, Chapters Six and Seven 
Learn to identify the markers of health and illness to better manage your well-being.

June 23: Meditation Therapy 
Read: Part II, Chapters One through Nine
Explore how meditation can be a powerful tool for healing and maintaining health.

June 30: Life Force Heals!
Read: Part III, Chapters One through Four
Delve into the methods by which Life Force can be used to facilitate healing.

July 7: Energize!  
*Read: Part IV, Chapters One through Three
Discover energization techniques that can quickly boost your vitality.

July 14: Life Force Lifestyle
Read: Part V, Chapters One through Three
Integrate Life Force principles into your daily lifestyle for sustained health and vitality.

Join us for this enriching series to deepen your understanding and practice of healing with Life Force!

Six Sunday mornings, 7:30am - 8:30am (Pacific Time)

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