The Physics of God

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Compelling and concise, the pages in this book will make you believe in the unity of science and religion and eager to experience the personal transcendence that is the promise of both.

The Physics of God is reader-friendly; combining humor and well-chosen analogies to make complex subjects—both scientific and spiritual—easy to understand. There’s no math and there’s no dogma. This short book concisely connects all the dots between science and the timeless concerns of religion: miracles, heaven, immortality, consciousness, transcendence, and God.

You can’t read this book without being deeply touched by the testimony of scores of mystics or be moved to embrace what you learn to change your life for the better. Your own high spiritual potential will never have felt clearer or more accessible.

Author Joseph Selbie shows how science and religion, far from being incompatible, share a deep congruence. He draws from the transcendent testimony of mystics the world over as well as from the findings of string theory, David Bohm’s version of quantum physics, quantum biology, neuroscience, and quantum physics itself to demonstrate that a physics of God is at hand!

Reading this will change the way you think of God.

It will change the way you think of science and it will change the way you think of religion.

And it will profoundly and movingly change the way you think of yourself.

Highlights of the book include:

  • matter is a light-show illusion and science has known it for a hundred years
  • science has found the location of the heavens of all religions
  • heaven is a hologram and the universe is its holographic projection
  • you have two bodies and one of them is in the afterlife already
  • how meditation gives us transcendent access to subtle realms
  • your life force connects you to unseen worlds
  • the common roots of near-death experience and mystical experience
  • how the instantaneous physiological changes caused by multiple personality disorder explode the myth of the body as a biochemical machine
  • how we turn on and turn off our genes with our minds
  • the hidden secret of life: living systems are quantumly entangled
  • intelligent Consciousness creates the universe through us
  • we work miracles every moment of our lives
  • we are so much more than we know

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