A Story of Synchronicity through Autobiography of a Yogi

A Story of Synchronicity through Autobiography of a Yogi

In the intricate dance of life, there are moments when the Divine orchestrates events in such a seamless and beautiful manner that it leaves us in awe. Recently, I experienced one such moment that reaffirmed my faith in the power of divine synchronicity.

It was just another day bustling with the tasks of fulfilling orders for Crystal Clarity when a routine trip to the post office transformed into a profound encounter. Stepping into the North San Juan Post Office, I encountered a man with a familiar aura standing in the hallway.

With a burst of enthusiasm, I greeted him, “Hello, Good Sir!”

“Hello,” he replied.

“Isn't it a beautiful day outside?” I remarked.

“Yes,” he replied.

After dropping off some packages, I returned outside to retrieve three large cases of Autobiography of a Yogi. The same man was now in the parking lot looking towards me.

“Hey,” he said, “Is that your car?”

“Yes, that’s mine.”

“Are you from Ananda?”

With the license plate “Kriya” on my car, he deduced my connection to Ananda.

“Yes, I’m a part of Ananda.”

With soul thirst he started to tell me part of his journey:

“You know, I just read the Autobiography of a Yogi, and it thrilled me to the core of my being. I couldn’t put it down. I want to learn Kriya Yoga. I know Ananda offers it online, but I’d like to take the lessons in person since I live right up here by Ananda. Can you help me?”

“Yes, by all means!” Then, coming back to my initial reason for being at the post office, I pinged the question back to him, “Actually, can you help me? I’m bringing in this big order of Autobiography of a Yogi right now. I could use your help taking in these three cases. Can you help me?”

“Oh my God, I just got chills,” he replied. “I can’t believe you are delivering that book. Of course, I’ll help you!”

Together, we carried them into the post office, reminiscent of the way Swami Kriyananda enlisted the help of Nayaswami Jyotish, “I'm Swami Kriyananda, and I'm working on a project. Would you help me?” (Jyotish has often joked, “I said ‘Yes,’ and sixty years later I’m still working on the project with Swamiji!”)

As we stepped outside once more, our conversation turned to his potential visit to the Temple of Light for Sunday Service. Promising to connect him with the Expanding Light Retreat staff so he can start the karma yoga program and the path of Kriya Yoga in person, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for the divine synchronicity that had united us.

In that moment, I felt a deep sense of gratitude for the grace of the Divine Mother that had reunited me with a fellow soul friend.

So the next time you go about a mundane task be on the lookout for Divine Mother’s whisper in your ear to be the friend of all.

Joy to you!

Nayaswami Narayan

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