Primal Scream or Primordial Sound of Aum?

Primal Scream or Primordial Sound of Aum?

Last week I had the great joy of representing Crystal Clarity Publishers at The Yoga Expo in Pasadena. About 2,000 people attended different yoga classes and workshops throughout the day along with exhibitors sharing their products and services related to yogic lifestyle. The world needs the light of yoga now more than ever and it was deeply touching to see how many people were drawn to the timeless teachings of yoga.

As part of The Yoga Expo, I was invited to offer a class on “The Science of Kriya Yoga.” I only had twenty minutes so I decided rather than a lecture to offer a brief guided sadhana (spiritual practice) based on the teachings of Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

About thirty people attended the guided yoga and meditation practice. At the very end of our meditation we were all in a blissful silent space. All of a sudden out of nowhere, we heard a loud “Awwwwww!!!!!” It sounded like a very loud ancient air conditioning system because the “roarrrr” we heard had an atmospheric like nature.

The strange thing was the sound kept going… and going… for about a solid two minutes! “This isn’t the sound of Aum or the air conditioning,” I thought to myself. "What is it?" Finally, I realized it was coming from the classroom next door to us that was also part of the expo. The teacher must have been leading his group in some type of primal scream exercise just as we entered silent meditation. It was a group of people screaming at the top of their lungs! Divine Mother’s sense of humor and timing is impeccable!

When it finally dawned on me what the sound actually was, I could not help but laugh and smile. My friend Sam Podany said after he left the body he would share a joke with us from on high. Well, I think this was one of them. Well done, Sam!

The experience reminded me of a story Yogananda tells about himself in Autobiography of a Yogi:

Another day found me walking alone near the Howrah railway station. I stood for a moment by a temple, silently criticizing a small group of men with drum and cymbals who were violently reciting a chant.

“How undevotionally they use the Lord’s divine name in mechanical repetition,” I reflected. My gaze was astonished by the rapid approach of Master Mahasaya. “Sir, how come you here?”

The saint, ignoring my question, answered my thought. “Isn’t it true, little sir, that the Beloved’s name sounds sweet from all lips, ignorant or wise?” He passed his arm around me affectionately; I found myself carried on his magic carpet to the Merciful Presence.

So the next time you are meditating and you hear a sound that disturbs you, remember: “Primal scream or the primordial sound of Aum, all sounds emanate from Thee, Mother!” 

Let’s all be carried on the “magic carpet of the Merciful Presence.” 

“God, God God!” (loudly and silently) to you!

Nayaswami Narayan

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Uma Iyer

Uma Iyer

How indeed the lesson is taught. So important to be mindful even with a thought that divides. Blessed are the wise ones.

Carol Bezin

Carol Bezin

What a beautiful inspirational story! It was so nice to think Sam is sending us humor from the other side! Your story inspired me to think kinder thoughts when evangelical Christians are making some of their statements. I will try to remember this story. Thanks for sharing!

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