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Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life

Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life

What is the Secret of True Success?

Why is it that some people seem to have the Midas touch? They enter a field of work and everything flourishes? On the other hand, there are people who don’t succeed regardless of how hard they try.

According to Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, spiritual magnetism is the underlying force behind true success.

Yogananda described spiritual magnetism as “the power of all powers.” With strong spiritual magnetism, we can attract everything we need to live our best life: inspiration, success, abundance, inner peace, joy, great friends, a loving family, harmonious relationships, a fulfilled career, etc.

Spiritual magnetism allows us to be successful in all areas of our lives.

How Does One Develop Spiritual Magnetism?

Unlike many other books written on this topic, in Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life author Naidhruva Rush details the spiritual principles and science behind the Law of Attraction—the secrets of success.

While many of us are familiar with the “change your thoughts, change your life” principles, we recognize that positive thinking, although powerful and important, isn’t enough. Good thoughts alone do not automatically yield success or whatever else we need to live a fulfilled life.

We know there is more.

There is something missing.

Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life reveals what that “something” is.

Change your magnetism, change your life, Naidhruva Rush,, Paramhansa Yogananda,

In her book Naidhruva Rush explores the spiritual forces that, in addition to our thoughts, work synergistically to produce a powerful magnetic field, which attracts to us material success and whatever else we need to live a fulfilled and inspired life.

Those forces are not something mystical or outside of our reach, but inner personal qualities that every one of us can cultivate and perfect, to attract true success.

Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Ms. Rush presents, through case studies, the twelve character traits we can develop and apply daily while working toward our goals and living our lives.

Among those twelve character traits: integrity, kindness, will power, energy, and most importantly, a deep attunement to Divine Consciousness, or God, our very own Highest Self.

Using examples from the lives of great men and women—Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller, Paramhansa Yogananda, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale, George Washington Carver, and others—Naidhruva tells inspiring stories that illustrate the different aspects of the Law of Magnetism and how these aspects work together to produce true and lasting success.

In example after example we see how these qualities create a powerful magnetism that attracts to the individuals, not only phenomenal success against all odds, but courage, inner peace, joy, a pure heart, unconditional love, acceptance, and the ability to forgive even the most difficult people and circumstances.

Through these stories, we witness not only success in these individuals’ lives, but their personal, and sometimes, spiritual transformation.

This book shows us the path to true success.

Here is an excerpt.

“Stand up for justice.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

King began receiving hate letters with threats on his life, as many as thirty to forty a day … He had also learned of a plan afoot to assassinate him.

Although the boycott and the carpooling effort to get blacks to work were going very well, King found himself wishing for an “honorable way out” of his leadership role in the boycott effort, one that would not injure the cause.

Late one night, King’s phone rang with another threatening call: to blow up his house with King and his wife and daughter inside if he did not leave town in three days. King made a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table and prayed.

He confessed his weaknesses to God saying he was afraid and at the end of his endurance. With head bowed and tears in his eyes, King felt something stirring in himself.

It seemed that an inner voice was speaking to him with quiet assurance:

“Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness. Stand up for justice. Stand up for truth. And lo, I will be with you unto the end of the world.”

King would later affirm that it had been the voice of Jesus telling him to fight on, and that Christ would never abandon him. King now felt stronger. He felt an inner calmness he had never before experienced, and he realized that he could stand up without fear, that he could face “anything.”

One aspect of “spiritual magnetism” is attunement to the “Infinite Consciousness” or God. Martin Luther King Jr. did just that. He attuned himself to God’s consciousness and guidance.

It was this attunement that strengthened and guided him, giving him the courage he needed to lead a movement that eventually changed the world.

The Secret Behind The Secret

Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life is a unique book, different from any other book in this genre. I believe this book is the missing link that bridges “positive thinking” to true success—the manifestation of our dreams and the highest expression of ourselves.

It is what you might call the missing secret to The Secret.

Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life is a treasure. It is a great gift and a great addition to the studies and science of the Law of Attraction.

In addition to being a thorough practical guide, it is also filled with thoughtful insights, wisdom, and spiritual inspirations.

If you want to achieve success in all areas of your life and manifest the best version of yourself, this book is a must read.

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