Is Eternal Happiness Possible? If Yes, Where Can We Find It?

The Lover of God Is Always Thinking of God

Just as the pianist is always thinking of her music, so the lover of God is always thinking of God. That joy feeds the brain, the heart, and the soul. That ever new joy is God.

The voice of the Infinite is strong and powerful, and when that power surcharges your body, all wrong vibrations vanish. When you feel the Eternal Power talking through your voice, through your silence, through your actions, through your reason, then you know you have something that will last beyond the grave.
You have been in a state of hallucination thinking that you are a mortal, struggling and suffering. Through meditation you come in contact with your Real Self and forget what you thought you were.
Every day you should sit quietly and say: “I am not the earth, nor the sky. No birth no death have I. Father, mother, have I none. I am Infinite Happiness.”
If you repeat this often and think about it day and night, you will realize what you really are. Only those who meditate realize that in the superconscious mind is a land of eternal happiness.

Nothing Except God Can Satisfy You

God is moving nearer and nearer to you the more deeply you meditate. The peace of meditation is the language and embracing comfort of God.
Find God on the throne of peace within you first, and you will find Him in all the noble pursuits of life: in true friends, in the beauty of Nature, in good books, in good thoughts, in noble aspirations.
Nothing except God can satisfy you or completely wipe away your miseries. Your soul, a separate Part, must find the Whole to be complete.
Your satisfaction must find perfect satisfaction in God; your knowledge must quench its thirst by drinking the wisdom of God; your peace can only be complete with the peace of God; your existence can only be immortal with the immortality of God; your consciousness can only be unceasing when attached to cosmic consciousness; your joy can be unending, ever new, ever entertaining when combined with the joy of God.
Excerpted from How to Awaken Your True Potential by Paramhansa Yogananda.
For more information or to purchase How to Awaken Your True Potential, please click HERE.

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