Divine Mother Can Do It

Divine Mother Can Do It

“I’ve tried to make it happen, Mother, and it’s not working!” Have you ever felt intuitively guided to do something but when you tried to move in that direction, it seemed that the very universe was blocking your attempt?

Recently, I was in this sort of dilemma. It was as though I was forcing a particular direction, which never works, and it doesn’t feel good either! So, after meditation one day, I said to Divine Mother, “I believe this guidance is coming from You. I’ve tried my best to move in this direction but nothing is working. So, if  it is Your will,  You are going to have to make it happen. I leave it all in Your hands now.”

It didn’t take Her long to make all of the pieces fall into place. Having a somewhat controlling temperament (can you relate?), I was amazed at how simple it was for Divine Mother to orchestrate all of the perfect circumstances for Her will to be done.

What was the take away from this experience: 

  1. Non-attachment: When we ask Divine Mother to take charge of a situation, we release attachment to a particular outcome. It’s like making a pact with Divine Mother - “If it’s Your will, I trust in You to bring it to fruition.”
  1. Humility: Maybe there’s a better way to do things! Divine Mother has everyone’s best interests in mind and will see to it that all of Her children are taken care of. 
  2. Faith: Divine Mother can move mountains when She wants something done, especially when She has willing instruments to carry out Her wishes.
  1. Practicing Her Presence: If we can remember to ask Divine Mother to take charge of our lives in every moment - “How should I respond?”, “Where should we go next?”, “What is this person trying to say?” - then, we will be in constant communion with Her.

    Ultimately, through this practice of inviting Divine Mother to “do it” through us, we are asking for Her Love and Bliss to flow through us in everything we do. And, She will!

    O Father, Mother, Friend, Beloved God, I will reason, I will will, I will act: but guide Thou my reason, will, and activity to the right thing I should do in everything.

    -God as Divine Mother by Paramhansa Yogananda

    With Love,
    Nayaswami Dharmadevi

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    I love this! Thanks for the reminder.



    Dharmadevi -
    Thank you. Your reminder of this perfect formula for success and joy is appreciated and always needed! It’s amazing that I absolutely KNOW this to be a working truth and…still slip away from it, having to reawaken again and again! Blessings Shane and thank you for all you do and are.

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