Flow Learning®

Flow Learning®

Opening Heart and Spirit Through Nature

Flow Learning makes it clear that to be truly educated we need to wholeheartedly embrace Nature consciousness in our lives. I highly recommend this book to all educators and students of life.

— Satish Kumar, Founder of Schumacher College

In his newest release, Flow Learning®, Joseph Bharat Cornell shares a transformative learning process that empowers participants to awaken their higher human qualities through direct experiences in nature. Flow Learning provides the essential ingredients for true learning, as well as a recipe for the inner transformation that every educator strives to bring their students.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, education and the classroom settings are undergoing dramatic changes. Flow Learning helps us utilize the one thing accessible to each of us: nature. This book offers living examples, activities, and points of reflection to help the reader understand how to use these concepts for best effect—whether you’re a parent, teacher, group facilitator, or nature enthusiast.

​Cornell’s Sharing Nature® books have “sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education,” and have been published in twenty-seven languages and sold over a million copies. After the success of his award-winning books Sharing Nature and Deep Nature Play, Flow Learning completes his earlier works with an in-depth teaching system that awakens us to our higher potential by experiencing the joy of being in nature.

Awaken Enthusiasm

Without enthusiasm, people learn very little, and can never have a meaningful experience of nature. By enthusiasm, I don’t mean jumping-up-and-down excitement, but an intense flow of personal interest and alertness.

Awaken Enthusiasm games make learning fun, instructive, and experiential-and establish a rapport between teacher, student, and subject.

Offer Direct Experience

During immersive nature experiences, students make a deep connection with an aspect of nature. Offer Direct Experience activities are built on the students’ enthusiasm and receptivity, and are generally quiet and profoundly meaningful.

By bringing us face to face with a bird, a wooded hill, or any natural subject, Offer Direct Experience activities give us intuitive experiences of nature.

Focus Attention

Learning depends on focused attention. Enthusiasm alone isn’t enough. If our thoughts are scattered, we can’t be intensely aware of nature, nor of anything else. As leaders, we want to bring students’ enthusiasm toward a calm focus.

Focus Attention activities help students become attentive and receptive to nature.

Share Inspiration

Reflecting and sharing with others strengthen and clarify one’s experience. Sharing brings to the surface unspoken but often universal feelings that—once communicated—allow people to feel a closer bond with the topic and with one another.

Share Inspiration activities create a sense of completion and an uplifting atmosphere conducive to embracing noble ideals.

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