Everything Needs a Little Love

Everything Needs a Little Love

Today is day 3 of Master’s 9-day cleanse. It is also my day to hold silence (Thursdays). For these reasons, maybe I’m a little more inward (or loopy), but I hope I don’t forget the important lesson I learned today. 

Everyone and everything has something to offer:

  • Our new chickens have already given us 3 beautiful eggs (which I’ll be enjoying after finishing this cleanse!).
  • Our home provides us with warmth and a peaceful environment.
  • The juicer is helping to make my cleanse easier.

On it goes, the list of all the things we can and should be grateful for is endless. 

This morning, as I was using the juicer, I realized I was using it—cramming the spinach, parsley, carrots, and celery in without a thought. Then it dawned on me, “This juicer is working hard and doing me a great service. Why don’t I care for it a little more consciously?” 

At that moment, many animate and inanimate things started to go through my mind, which I may have treated as a commodity. What have I offered in return? Of course, it’s easier with people to offer appreciation and acknowledge every act of kindness or selfless service. But what about animals, your car, the furnace, your computer, etc?

Scientists have discovered that even metal needs to ”rest.” Maybe not in the same way as you and me, but why not offer a little loving pat or a friendly word of gratitude to those things that help make your life easier? Maybe you will find that they serve you even better in the future. Perhaps that love and gratitude will spill even more into your relationships with those around you.

With loving appreciation,

Nayaswami Dharmadevi

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Helmut Lauer

Helmut Lauer

What a wonderful way looking at our “ litte helpers”!

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