How to Achieve the Highest Level of Success According to Paramhansa Yogananda

Align Yourself with God’s Ocean of Abundance

Just as all power lies in His will, so all spiritual and material gifts flow from His boundless abundance.

In order to align yourself with it, you must eradicate from yourself all thought of lack or poverty. The Universal Mind is perfect, it knows no lack. To reach that never-failing supply, you must create a consciousness of abundance—even if you do not know where your next dollar will come from.

When you refuse to be apprehensive, and do your part and rely on God to do His, you will find that mysterious forces will come to your aid, and your constructive wishes will materialize.

Contact God First

Since God is the source of all mental power and prosperity, do not will and act first, but contact God first and thus harness your will and activity to the right goal. As you cannot broadcast thought through a broken microphone, so you cannot broadcast your prayer through a mental microphone that is disordered by restlessness.

By deep calmness you must repair your mental microphone and increase the receptivity of your intuition, so that you can broadcast to Him and receive His answers.

The Value and Power of Meditation

How can you use your mental microphone to reach Him? The right method of meditation is the only satisfactory way.

By the power of concentration and meditation, you can direct the untold power of your mind to accomplish what you desire, and you can guard all doors through which failure may enter.

All men and women of success have devoted much time to deep concentration and meditation—though some of them may never have used the word “meditation” to describe their mental processes. They were people who could dive deeply into their problems and come out with the pearls of right solutions.

When you want to create something important, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply upon what you want to do or acquire. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit. After that you must use all material resources to bring about whatever you wish to accomplish.

Excerpted from How to Be a Success by Paramhansa Yogananda.

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