Crystal Hermitage Gardens
A Photographic Pilgrimage to the Spiritual Heart of Ananda Village

Barbara Bingham, inspired by Swami Kriyananda

Crystal Hermitage Gardens

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Paperback, 143 pages (5½" x 6⅞")
ISBN 978-1-56589-248-4
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Crystal Hermitage was the Northern California home of Swami Kriyananda, spiritual teacher and direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, (author of the beloved classic Autobiography of a Yogi). The scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of Crystal Hermitage Gardens are reflected in the photographs and quotations contained in this book. Whether you are a nature lover or a spiritual seeker, these images will speak to you, whispering tranquility and inspiration to your soul through lush foliage, sun-kissed flowers, and stately statues.

What Others Are Saying

"When I first saw the gardens at Crystal Hermitage, I felt God's presence in my heart and I understood what Ananda was all about."

A first-time visitor to Ananda Village

"Crystal Hermitage Gardens is a glorious book, filled with beauty and wisdom. It is also an open invitation to the reader to visit Ananda Village and Crystal Hermitage, which are a perfect atmospheric and vibrational match for the delicate and refined loveliness depicted in this book. I congratulate Barbara on publishing this labor of love. I perused this work with my four-year-old. Normally restless, he stood for a long time, enthralled with the splash of color and light. I felt, while reading it, that I had been transported to a high astral plane. This book has an unexpected power to change the reader. Crystal Hermitage Gardens is ideal to place on your coffee table, to lift the spirit and consciousness of anyone who opens it."

Richard Salva, author of The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and Walking with William of Normandy