For Goodness' Sake
Supporting Children & Teens in Discovering Life's Highest Values

Michael Nitai Deranja

For Goodness

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Paperback, 134 pages (5⅞” x 8¼")
ISBN 978-1-56589-193-7
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Many parents and teachers are at a loss when it comes to encouraging values in children. Some parents, in the name of open-mindedness, avoid passing on their moral principles to their children. Schools, through either fear of lawsuits or a narrow focus on academics, bend over backwards to keep from bringing values into the classroom. In the midst of this vacuum, we are raising generations of children whose standards of conduct are drawn primarily from television, movies, computer games, and popular music.

In this timely and important book, Nitai Deranja, a parent and school teacher for over 30 years, explains some basic, non-sectarian tools and techniques that parents and educators can use to help children and teens cultivate positive values. Through the helpful discussion and hands-on exercises he provides, children and teens will have fun while learning universally esteemed values such as kindness, cheerfulness, courage, willingness, and self-control, among many others.


Share Values without Preaching, without Dogma

Today's children need more than academic education—they also need positive values for making the most of their education and their lives. Selfishness, greed, and moodiness are common—but treatable!—burdens for many children.

Michael Nitai Deranja offers simple-to-use, effective activities to help children learn—from their own experience—that expressing virtue actually brings them more happiness. Ages 4 to 17 will have fun with these activities as they explore seventeen different values, including cooperation, concentration, integrity, willingness, and many others. As children learn through direct, personal experience, these positive values become part of their lives.

This book will also show you how to:

  • Help children overcome one of the greatest obstacles to learning—restlessness
  • Exercise firm, loving discipline
  • Communicate more honestly and effectively with children
  • Guide teens to discover true maturity, and still maintain the enthusiasm of childhood

For Goodness' Sake gives you tools to bring more depth of sharing into your home or classroom, and to help children experience the highest expression of themselves.

What Others Are Saying

"I have known Michael Nitai Deranja for more than thirty years. He is a man of real wisdom who knows how to draw the best out of young people, and his book echoes his voice of experience. As a parent, I listen closely when he talks about children. If I were an educator, I could not conceive of a finer mentor or guide."

Richard Salva, author of Walking with William of Normandy