How to Meditate
A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art & Science of Meditation

Jyotish Novak

How to Meditate

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Paperback, 200 pages (5½" x 6⅞")
ISBN 978-1-56589-234-7
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“The clearest, most practical, and inspiring guide on meditation I’ve ever read.”
—Joseph Bharat Cornell, meditation instructor, author Sharing Nature book series

This clear and concise guidebook contains everything you need to start your practice. With easy-to-follow instructions, meditation teacher Jyotish Novak demystifies meditation—presenting the essential techniques so that you can quickly grasp them. How to Meditate has helped thousands to establish a regular meditation routine since it was first published in 1989. This newly revised edition includes a bonus chapter on scientific studies showing the benefits of meditation, plus all-new photographs and illustrations.

Learn how to:

  • Relax your body
  • Interiorize your awareness
  • Concentrate your mind
  • Develop and clarify intuition
  • Expand your spirit
  • Experience peace, joy and calmness

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How to Meditate with Jyotish Novak

What Others Are Saying

"An indispensable aid that offers clear instruction for meditation."

John P. Gorsuch, author of An Invitation to the Spiritual Journey

"For the person interested in learning about meditation, Novak's book offers a practical guide for the beginner, explaining the various techniques and postures in terminology the beginner can understand. Limiting the background to what the beginner needs to know, the author delves into the various stages of meditation, starting with relaxation, and the techniques used to achieve a relaxed state. Once attaining a relaxed state, the book looks at interiorization and the means of concentration on the goals of meditation, which are more spiritual than material. One of the final chapters deals with application of meditation to the practitioner's daily life. The 108-page book ends with some reference materials for those interested in pursuing the practice further, and is, all-in-all, a useful guide for the beginner."

The Latrobe Bulletin

"Meditation is a complicated term for something that is truly simple. How To Meditate is a guide to mastering meditation and reaping more of the benefit of the serenity of the matter. With tips on finding relaxation, opening your natural intuition, and more, How to Meditate is a must for those who want to unlock their spirituality."

Midwest Book Review

"This is a great little meditation book. It contains everything you need to know to begin a meditation practice. As a meditation teacher, I have often recommended How to Meditate to those first taking it up. Another benefit is its small size. You can slip it into your back pocket, go for a hike in nature, find a quiet spot and pull it out. Meditation can seem mysterious to those who have never done it before, and it helps to have it clearly and simply explained, for the Western mind, as Mr. Novak does in this book. I highly recommend it."

Richard Salva, author of The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln