Secrets of Meditation and Inner Peace

Swami Kriyananda

Secrets of Meditation and Inner Peace

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Paperback, 84 pages (5½" x 7")
ISBN 9781565893085
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This concise book brilliantly encapsulates the essential keys to meditation with seed thoughts for each day of the month. Each affirmation is presented in a straightforward manner that allows the reader to repeat and remember it before meditating. This potent guide to meditation will help readers tap the well-spring of joy and inner peace with them.

This little book can change your life. Open it to any page to unlock the hidden power within you.

In this collection of pithy and profound sayings, readers will find wise guidance and key insights to the practice of meditation, and secrets for bringing the peace of meditation into the trials and clamor of their daily life.

Drawing on his bestselling Secrets book series, Swami Kriyananda offers sage advice for going within. This lovely edition offers speedy counsel and enlightenment, on the spot. A treasure trove of uplifting affirmations, it is a book to be dipped into and savored again and again.

The inspired secrets are contained in one small miracle of a book—perfect as a gift, or as a cherished addition to one's own bookshelf.

From the Publisher's Note:

The first two sections of this book—Secrets of Meditation, and Secrets of Inner Peace—consist of seed thoughts for meditation. They are listed as daily readings, and it may be useful to follow along with one reading from each section for each listed day of the month. Alternatively, you may prefer to pick a reading at random. Either approach can be effective.

We recommend absorbing a selection from Secrets of Meditation just before meditation—these seed thoughts are ideal for deepening meditation—and a selection from Secrets of Inner Peace at the end of your meditation—these affirmations are geared toward extending the peaceful aftereffects of meditation into your daily life.

In addition, the following pages offer guidelines for the optimum use of the readings for both of these sections.

The last section of this book, “Be Still and Know,” is an article by Swami Kriyananda on the importance of meditation and the best attitude for success in going within. It ends with brief meditation instructions.

We hope that this book will bring you ever-deeper insights and inspiration. And we wish you profound success in your meditations.