Sharing Nature Collection
Sharing Nature, Listening to Nature & The Sky and Earth Touched Me

Joseph Bharat Cornell

Sharing Nature Collection

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This three book collection by Joseph Bharat Cornell is available now. You receive a special 20% discount when you buy all three books. 

Joseph Bharrat Cornell is a world-renowned and highly regarded nature educator and author, storyteller, and meditation teacher with a genius for helping others experience life more profoundly. His three books: Sharing Nature, Listening to Nature and The Sky and Earth Touched are available to buy as a set.

Sharing Nature (see individual book page) is a completely rewritten edition of the classic bestseller, Sharing Nature with Children, which sold over 600,000 copies worldwide and sparked a worldwide revolution that connected millions of educators and children with the renewing powers of nature. This book also contains new added activities.
Full Color Quality Paperback * ISBN 978-1-56589-287-3 * Retail $18.95 * 216 pages * 8.5" x 5.5"

Listening to Nature (see individual book page) will open your eyes and your heart to the serenity and joy of the natural world. The first edition of Listening to Nature sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. Now this beloved and bestselling book has been extensively rewritten and includes dozens of new photographs—featuring the work of award-winning photographer, John Hendrickson.
Full Color Quality Paperback * ISBN 978-1-56589-281-1 * Retail $19.95 * 96 pages * 7" x 10"

The Sky and Earth Touched Me (see individual book page) takes the Sharing Nature exercises to a higher level and offers adults a transformative guide for healing and well-being. There is tremendous power in these exercises. One moment of touching nature can inspire you for a lifetime. Practicing these simple techniques will immerse you in the natural world and open your heart to all creation.
Full Color Quality Paperback * ISBN 978-1-56589-282-8 * Retail $16.95 * 144 pages * 8.5" x 5.5"

What Others Are Saying

About Sharing Nature:

“Absolutely the best awareness of nature book I’ve ever seen.”
Whole Earth Review

“Cornell has devised ingenious nature-based games that . . . celebrate mystery, quiet attention, observation, and the possibility of revelation.”
Richard Louv, author of The Nature Principle, Chairman Emeritus, Children & Nature Network

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About Listening to Nature:

“A splendid masterpiece that captures the ‘Oneness’ we are all seeking to achieve with Nature.”
Tom Brown, Jr., author of The Tracker

“Gives people a dynamic experience of their unity with the natural world.”
Alaska Natural History Association

“A work of art and of the heart!”
Candace Sibcy, naturalist and nature photographer

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About The Sky and Earth Touched Me:

“The same spirit of playful mindfulness that Joseph Cornell has used to connect millions of children with the outdoors he now offers to us all. This book is a gift!”
Bill McKibben, founder, environmentalist

“Read the book and be inspired; do the activities and be transformed!”
Kathryn Gann, Director, Theosophical Society of America

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