Scary News
12 Ways to Raise Joyful Children When the Headlines Are Full of Fear

Lorna Ann Knox

Scary News

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Paperback, 205 pages (5⅞" x 8¼")
ISBN 978-1-56589-201-9
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Scary News addresses an issue that touches all parents today: how to prepare children for life in a scary world while also protecting their hearts and minds and nurturing their natural inner joy.

Today's headlines are often frightening. How can loving parents help their children open their hearts and feel secure and confident—while growing up in a world full of violence and media messages that promote anxiety and fear? Lorna Knox answers this question in a warm, friendly style, using personal anecdotes and dozens of effective realistic suggestions. The author of I Came from Joy! Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children, again offers practical ideas for parents and anyone who shares his life with children. She reassures us that we can help our children gain the inner strength and wisdom they will need to lead balanced and joyful lives, while taking control of our own fears in the process.

  • Learn simple guidelines for deciding what information to share with children, and strategies for dealing with scary news that will benefit the whole family
  • Discover how much power you have as a parent to decrease the stress and fear in your children's lives
  • Find out how you and your children can learn to balance intellectual understanding with inner guidance, to live with appreciation for the present moment, and to gain strength and wisdom from every experience
  • Also included is a quick list of 12 things you can do today to bring more joy into your child's life

A readable, practical, and uplifting book for parents with children of any age.

What Others Are Saying

"This book is great to read . . . Scary News gives parents reassurance that they have the power to decrease stress and fear in their children's lives. It offers families a way to invite more love, joy, and hope into their lives and take control of fear."

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, author of Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess Up Their Kids

"Lorna Knox is at the center of a revolution—a movement to reclaim innocence and joy for our nation's children. Her book, Scary News is not only full of practical, down-to-earth advice on maintaining a sense of perspective when it comes to incoming information—it's also a handbook to ensure that children still see the world as a place that includes them and their dreams. It's a must-read for every parent and should be shipped to every TV and radio producer in the country to remind them that just because you can do something, or say something . . . doesn't mean you should—when it comes to the news."

John St. Augustine, Host, Power!Talk Radio

"Our children are constantly confronted with news that can produce anxiety and uncertainty. This news may be conveyed in the media or children may experience disturbing events firsthand in their neighborhoods. . . . a sensible, sensitive book filled with practical suggestions that will assist parents not only to deal realistically with the scary news that pervades our society, but also help them to nurture optimism, joy, and resilience in their children."

Dr. Robert Brooks, Faculty, Harvard Medical School, Clinical Psychologist, author of The Self-Esteem Teacher, co-author of Raising Resilient Children

"As a Child Development Specialist, parents and teachers often ask me how much their children and students should be told about certain tragedies headlining the news. It's a complicated question, but Lorna's book is full of fresh, practical ideas to help guide us. During the Tsunami event, a Kindergarten teacher at my school struggled with how much information to discuss with her class of 5-year-olds. I gave her my copy of Scary News, and after reading it she declared it to be 'wonderful,' and asked that our school purchase more copies for our staff and parents. Scary News is a resource book that should be in every parent's library."

Kris Knight, Child Development Specialist, Brookwood Elementary School

"A thoughtful treatment, featuring commonsense recommendations, of how parents can overcome some of the biggest challenges in child-rearing."

Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, co-author of Saving Childhood

Holistic Moms Network Book of the Month!
"Lorna Ann Knox's book guides us to be more mindful as parents by protecting young minds from the barrage of information that they can be exposed to and provides parents with helpful ways to bring joy into the lives of their children (and into their own lives). This is an important book for anyone raising a child in the 'information age'!"

Holistic Moms Network

"Scary News, a comprehensive guide for concerned families, gives us a set of useful tools to navigate the unsettling waters of today's turbulent world."

Connie Bowen, author of I Believe in Me

"Scary News is a resource for raising children in a modern age full of terrors. Offering guidelines for teaching children of various ages and stages of development, from early childhood to teens, how to lead balanced lives without being overwhelmed by news of horrible events such as war, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and economic busts. Scary News is not an escapist guide; it stresses the importance of learning information, but balances that with the key of learning to make life choices out of love, not fear. A reassuring and knowledgeable supplement for answering some of the most difficult questions a child can ask."

Midwest Book Review

"I like this book—it is practical, nurturing, and encouraging. I enjoy the ease with which it is written. It is like hearing from my mother. There is a comfort in it. I will recommend this to parents and youth workers who are looking for guidance, comfort, and a practical means to create a solid foundation for their children."

Rev. Charles W. Hall, Spiritual Director, International Youth and Family Ministries, United Church of Religious Science

"This book shows parents how to help their children avoid fear and hate in reaction to the fearful events that life brings. Knox is idealistic and optimistic, yet practical and grounded in her advice. Her insights will help many parents understand how to give their children strength without making them insensitive."

Susan Dermond, Director of Living Wisdom School, Portland, Oregon, author of Calm and Compassionate Children

"The title may be Scary News, but the content is anything but. Lorna Knox writes with joy and compassion about the reality all parents face: our children are bombarded with information from so many sources, much of it horrifying and unnecessary, and they don't have the ability to process it like we do.

"The suggestions she offers show how to avoid the unnecessary information, deal with the necessary information, and add beauty, joy, and goodness to children's lives in a way that makes these qualities the real focus of their lives. That's why this book is so encouraging: the suggestions are simple but effective (for example: add silence to your child's day), and the focus stays on joy in the lives of ourselves and our children. The goal is for children to learn how to deal with reality in a mature and compassionate way. With so many insightful observations and practical suggestions, this book is a treasure trove for parents who intuitively understand that this world doesn't really pay enough attention to children's deepest needs (or to ours either!). My copy is thoroughly underlined. I highly recommend it."

M.S., a former child therapist