The Pilgrim's France: A Travel Guide to the Saints

James and Colleen Heater

The Pilgrim

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Paperback, 376 pages (5½" x 8½")
ISBN 0-97198-601-0
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While France is known for the romantic grandeur of Paris, beautiful chateaus, lush vineyards and gourmet cuisine, it also offers an exceptional opportunity for those seeking more meaningful travel experiences at its many inspiring spiritual shrines. The Pilgrim’s France leads the spiritual adventurer from Normandy to the Pyrenees, from Mont-St-Michel to the Riviera, and from Brittany to the Alps, inviting the pilgrim to encounter the deep blessings of many sacred places.

This unique guidebook explores seven shrines of the Virgin Mary and more than thirty saints, providing fascinating biographies of these revered souls. Stories of well-known historical figures such as St. Joan of Arc come to life, as well as St. Catherine Labouré, the saint of silence, responsible for the miraculous medal. For those seeking spiritual serenity and inspiration with a Gallic flavor, this book will serve as a faithful companion to experience the heart and soul of France.

Features include:

  • Inspiring biographies of the saints
  • Location of hidden rooms with saints’ relics
  • Instruction on how to meditate with the saints
  • How to find quiet areas for meditation and prayer
  • Useful maps and directions
  • Helpful references for lodging in monasteries

James and Colleen Heater have combined their interest in the lives of the saints and their love of travel to create a unique series of spiritual travel guides. Their honeymoon to Italy in 1998 evolved into a journey of pilgrimage and sparked the idea for writing travel guides to sacred destinations. Since then, they have written and published pilgrimage guides to Italy and France, with plans for adding Spain and India to the collection.

“James and Colleen Heater have done a magnificent service for anyone wanting to visit the heart and soul of France. Everything a pilgrim needs is right here—directions, history, secret places, and high inspiration.”
—Jyotish Novak, author of How to Meditate

“The Heaters have lovingly parted the curtain on France's deep and rich spiritual tradition—required reading for the traveler looking beyond the standard tourist fare!”
—James O'Reilly
Editor of Travelers' Tales France and Travelers' Tales Provence