Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia

Dr. Peter van Houten, MD and Gyandev McCord (Gyandev Rich McCord, Phd)

Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia

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Hardcover, 159 pages (6¼" x 6¼")
ISBN 978-1-56589-174-6
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Get Refreshing Sleep Without Medication

Insomnia is the most common disorder of sleep. It’s also one of the most frequent reasons a person visits a doctor. About 10% of people have some ongoing insomnia nightly, and roughly half the adults in our culture have some trouble with insomnia–a huge number considering how debilitating insomnia can be!

Yoga Therapy is a revolutionary new approach to working with common physical and mental ailments. Combining yoga postures with the latest in conventional and alternative medical treatments, each book in the Yoga Therapy series presents a fresh, effective approach to healing.

In Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia, an experienced medical doctor and an acclaimed professional yoga teacher share the ingredients that support a good night’s sleep. You’ll discover simple and important steps to help prepare you for sleep. And, you’ll learn how to use Ananda Yoga, a relaxing series of gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and positive thoughts—all of which have been proved to be helpful in insomnia.

You’ll discover:

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about sleep.
  • Types, causes, and treatments of insomnia.
  • How to create good "sleep habits."
  • Instructions for simple yoga postures and breathing exercises to lead you into sleep.
  • How to use "self-talk" affirmations to relax your mind and body.

Yoga Therapy is clear and comprehensive. Most people can easily practice and enjoy these exercises and suggestions immediately. Get ready for a good night's sleep!

What Others Are Saying

"Insomnia is the single most prevalent sleep disorder with an estimated ten percent of the American population having insomnia nightly. Yoga is a recognized exercise technique with established healing effects. Now Yoga has been applied to treating insomnia with a therapeutic regimen made accessible for the non-specialist general reader through the collaborative efforts of practicing primary care physician Peter Van Houten and Rich McCord, the worldwide director of Ananda Yoga.

"Yoga Therapy For Overcoming Insomnia articulately discusses the types, causes, and treatments of insomnia, as well as providing expert instruction on creating good sleep habits. Extensive information is provided on how to use yoga postures as an aid in treating and preventing insomnia, along with useful conventional and alternative treatments to supplement the utilization of yoga in combating insomnia. Enhanced with a variety of additional tips, techniques, and tools.

Yoga Therapy For Overcoming Insomnia requires no prior knowledge of, or expertise with, yoga in order to quickly benefit from the advice and instruction provided. If you or a loved one is grappling with the problem on insomnia, whether chronic or intermittent, then give a careful reading to Yoga Therapy For Overcoming Insomnia."

Midwest Book Review

"Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia is a powerful book that has changed my life in a very positive way. I now can sleep 7-1/2 hours per night for the first time in 31 years.

"In my university days in I learned to get along with 4-5 hours sleep or less. This was all fine as a young person, however, in later years as I continued this pattern, I began to pay the price. I couldn’t go to sleep, or when I did, if I awakened, I could not return to sleep. I had INSOMNIA.

"I tried all kinds of things: classes, medications, breathing techniques to SLEEP. It would NOT come and my condition worsened. My doctors assigned me to a Sleep Problem Workshop. That helped for a few weeks, BUT, my chronic problem of insomnia returned.

"I am now averaging the (golden hours) eight hours of sleep per night. My escape from insomnia is due primarily to Overcoming Insomnia. I use the program as outlined in this book for deep, sound sleep. Thank you and God bless you."

DyAnne Freeze

"This book contains excellent advice from an acclaimed professional yoga teacher and an experienced medical doctor.

"You will find information on the reasons people can't sleep, what the body does while we sleep, how sunlight and darkness affect sleep patterns, how to create good sleep habits, the secrets of a great night's sleep, relaxing Ananda Yoga Postures and affirmations, breathing exercises to lead you into sleep, what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night and want to go back to sleep and if you should consider a snack before bed and what type of snack?

"So, if you are tired of taking sleep medications, give yoga a try. You can incorporate this into your regular exercise routine or daily routine. Yoga is a healing therapy that can truly help you to sleep. That is why I generally do relaxing yoga workouts in the evening. There are many different styles of yoga and you may find that one style invigorates your body, while a gentle practice will lead you to a place of complete joy and peaceful sleep.

"Gyandev McCord has also created videos to teach the Ananda Yoga routines. Look for Yoga for Busy People and Yoga to Awaken the Chakras. I found that imagining colors inside your body is actually very healing and relaxing. It might sound different, but it definitely works for me."