How to Recognize and Trust Inner Guidance

Swami Kriyananda

How to Recognize and Trust Inner Guidance

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CD, 78 minutes (Spoken)
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Some of the things Swami discusses in this talk are: how we can prepare ourselves to be open and attuned to God's guidance; the ways in which guidance comes to us; how to discern the difference between true guidance and personal projection; and, what to do when guidance doesn't come to us. Swami teaches us how to tune into our own superconsciousness which is the source of true guidance. Swami also says guidance can come to us as energy while we're in the process of acting. If our intention is right, energy will come and will continually help us make course corrections. Swami reminds us that as with any endeavor, guidance will come more easily and clearly the more we orient our lives toward receiving it. With practice and experience, we'll develop a sharp edge to our intuition, a clear sense of what is right.


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