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This book addresses an issue that touches all parents today: how to prepare children for life in a scary world while also protecting their hearts and minds and nurturing their natural inner joy.

Today's headlines are often frightening. How can loving parents help their children open their hearts and feel secure and confident—while growing up in a world full of violence and media messages that promote anxiety and fear? Lorna Knox answers this question in a warm, friendly style, using personal anecdotes and dozens of effective realistic suggestions. The author of I Came from Joy! Spiritual Affirmations and Activities for Children, again offers practical ideas for parents and anyone who shares his life with children. She reassures us that we can help our children gain the inner strength and wisdom they will need to lead balanced and joyful lives, while taking control of our own fears in the process.

    • Learn simple guidelines for deciding what information to share with children, and strategies for dealing with scary news that will benefit the whole family
    • Discover how much power you have as a parent to decrease the stress and fear in your children's lives
    • Find out how you and your children can learn to balance intellectual understanding with inner guidance, to live with appreciation for the present moment, and to gain strength and wisdom from every experience
    • Also included is a quick list of 12 things you can do today to bring more joy into your child's life
A readable, practical, and uplifting book for parents with children of any age.

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