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  • Ananda Chants

    Devotional chanting transforms our consciousness by opening the heart and increasing receptivity. The subtle vibrations of chants literally change and uplift our thoughts.
    $24.95 List price$22.45 Online
  • Ananda Strings

    The Ananda Strings album represents some of Swami Kriyananda's finest and most sublime music written for strings.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • AUM: Mantra of Eternity

    Features continuous vocal chanting of "Aum"—the cosmic vibratory sound that emanates from the heart of creation—accompanied by tamboura.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Awake Into Light

    Awake Into Light: Group Chanting led by Swami Kriyananda CD. Newly re-mastered digital recording!
    $16.00 List price$14.40 Online
  • Christ Lives: An Oratorio

    In the tradition of Handel's Messiah, this new 2008 re-recorded choral masterpiece is a contemporary Oratorio that vividly brings to life the deep meaning of Christ's life.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Conscious Commuting

    This 2-CD set is designed to help you be more relaxed and productive. Consistent use will help you to concentrate more deeply, without tension or strain. You’ll be more able to stay calm and centered in challenging situations, which will allow you to make better decisions, maintain healthy and harmonious relationships, and be more solution-oriented.

    $24.95 List price$22.45 Online
  • An Evening in Italy

    A stunning collection of original songs, sung in Italian and English with full orchestral accompaniment, beautifully captues the essence of Italy.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Finding Happiness CD

    This soundtrack is resonant with the uplifting emotions of the film, and includes compositions and arrangements by Swami Kriyananda.
    $12.95 List price$11.65 Online
  • Sale!

    Finding Happiness Movie Bundle, 3-Pack

    The Finding Happiness movie features real people living dynamic, harmonious lives in real communities around the world. Includes DVD, Book, and CD.
    $45.85 List price$32.09 Online
  • I Am Thine

    I Am Thine CD by Swami Kriyananda. Newly re-mastered digital recording!
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • I Came from Joy! CD

    The songs on this delightful recording will encourage happiness and self-worth in your children throughout the pre-school and primary years.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • I, Omar

    Listen to this hauntingly beautiful music and feel an ancient stirring in your heart-to be released from earthly limitations, free to embrace infinity itself.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online