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  • Achieve Your Goals

    To realize your dreams in life, you need certain skills. Ananda Yoga is a perfect system for developing those skills, for its many tools will help you take both your inner and your outer capabilities to the next level.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Attain True Happiness

    The Ananda Yoga Series Volume 6: Discover the secrets of living in a dynamic state of joyful wellbeing, untouched by any outward circumstance. You can develop this vital life skill through the simple-yet-powerful practices in these classes.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Balance Your Emotions DVD

    Heart-chakra energy is a powerful force that can lead you to the highest happiness. Emotional overreaction can hijack that energy, but these classes will show you how to take charge of this vital resource.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Encontrando la Felicidad

    Esta película presenta una nueva perspectiva de vida, con una combinación de cinematografía extraordinaria y una música original de gran inspiración.
    $19.95 List price$17.95 Online
  • Energize Your Life

    The Ananda Yoga Series Volume 2: True success requires high energy plus the ability to focus that energy. These classes help you develop both. They also show you how to use that higher level of energy in Yoga practice, and throughout your life.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Experience Deep Calmness DVD

    Experience the deep relaxation and revitalization of a full Ananda Yoga® sadhana.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Finding Happiness Movie

    A somewhat skeptical and jaded Juliet meets extraordinary people who not only answer her questions, but welcome her to a reality she had never imagined—a life founded on inner happiness and freedom.
    $19.95 List price$17.95 Online
  • Sale!

    Finding Happiness Movie Bundle, 3-Pack

    The Finding Happiness movie features real people living dynamic, harmonious lives in real communities around the world. Includes DVD, Book, and CD.
    $45.85 List price$32.09 Online
  • Heal Body and Mind

    Augment your body’s natural healing capacities, enhance mental calmness and clarity, and get you on your way — and keep you on your way — to optimal wellbeing.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Lessons in Meditation

    This step in the Ananda Course empowers the student with a strong foundation in meditation and the Energization Exercises as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.
    $39.95 List price$35.96 Online
  • Live from Your Center

    The Ananda Yoga Series Volume 1: Discover how to stay calm, take charge of your mind, and be more e ffective in everything you do. The key is to learn to work with the primary pathways for subtle energy in your body and mind.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • Live in Vibrant Joy DVD

    Experience the uplifting power and joy of a full Ananda Yoga® sadhana.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online