Many of us spend more of our waking hours at work than at any other activity in our day. Frequently, however, we find ourselves feeling dissatisfied with our careers, yearning to improve this most important aspect of our lives.

Whether you are looking for a new job, want to improve your current situation, or simply want to clarify your career goals, 30-Day Essentials for Career will help. Special emphasis is given to assisting you to develop the attributes and mental skills necessary for breathing new life into your career, by showing you how to become a happier, more effective boss, manager, or employee.

Find, build, and sustain a successful career. These inspirational ideas are simple, effective ways to improve your working life. Discover the essentials of a satisfying career in just thirty days—one thought for each day of the month.

Featuring one inspiring piece of advice and one practical exercise per day, this book is a useful and enjoyable guide for improving your working life now.

Jyotish Novak

Jyotish (John) Novak has studied, practiced, and taught meditation around the world for over 40 years. He came onto the spiritual path when he met Swami Kriyananda in 1966. Jyotish was a founding member of Ananda Village in Nevada City, California in 1968.

For its first ten years Jyotish served as General Manager of Ananda Village. He and his wife Devi started the first city ashram for Ananda in San Francisco in 1979. In 1984 Jyotish expanded Ananda's outreach and helped start the work in Europe. Jyotish currently serves as the Spiritual Director of Ananda Worldwide.

Jyotish, who holds a BA in psychology, is the author of the popular book How to Meditate, along with 30 Day Essentials for Career and 30 Day Essentials for Marriage. He also is the creator of Meditation Therapy™ and has three videos: Meditation Therapy for Stress & Change, Meditation Therapy for Relationships, and Meditation Therapy for Health & Healing.

Many people see their job as something to be endured in order to get a paycheck. But so much more is possible from work: happiness, creativity, and self-expansion. To see your career only in terms of money is like a miner so intent on picking up flecks of gold from the gravel that he fails to notice that the hills above him are full of rich veins.

Over your lifetime you will likely spend more than 10,000 days at work. Don’t waste such a precious opportunity for growth and fulfillment. Life is not like a race where the whole focus is on the finish line. Take pleasure in the journey itself. In the long run, how much you enjoy your job will largely determine how much you enjoy your life.

I was once volunteering to help rebuild houses in a community that had been destroyed by a forest fire. Many of the volunteers were, like me, less than accomplished carpenters. Due to mistakes, we were actually farther behind by noon than when we started the day. At lunchtime our crew leader made a comment that I have always remembered. He said, “Let’s remember what’s important. We’re here to build character, not houses.”

This book is meant to enrich your experience of work. You’ll find attitudes and techniques that will help enhance your career and your life. There’s also a practical exercise for each day. Try to absorb the attitudes and practice the exercises, and you will experience a personal transformation. Each day can be filled with the “gold” of increasing fulfillment, confidence, and contentment.

Day 3-Integrity

If there is a single quality that society needs today, it is integrity. The worlds of business and entertainment, and our culture in general, are crippled by a lack of morality. Yet, the struggle for virtue must be personal—it must begin with you. Don’t sacrifice your integrity for a temporary advantage, because ultimately, how you work will help define who you will become. Never, but never, lie or cheat or intentionally hurt others. You shrivel with every dishonorable act. Loyalty to your business is important, but be more loyal to honesty itself. Men and women of absolute integrity develop an almost mystical power. It’s as if the universe itself moves aside to let them pass. Think of great examples from history: Jesus, Buddha, or more recently, Lincoln, Einstein, and Mother Teresa. The shining example of their integrity has lit the way for countless millions. The same power that allowed them to change the world will help you to succeed in your own life, in your own career. When it is difficult to know what course to take, always choose the course that allows you to be a better human being.

TRY THIS: Act with absolute integrity in everything you do. Then do the same tomorrow.