“Animals are sleeping immortals,” said Paramhansa Yogananda. This timeless text of natural pet care can help you, as a loving pet owner, to hasten their spiritual evolution.

 This treasury of holistic pet care wisdom honors our animal friends by enhancing the quality of their lives through natural remedies. Established in 1977, Spirit-in-Nature Essences is the oldest flower essence line within the U.S. and is inspired by the wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda. World acclaimed, their life changing benefits have proven true in three and a half decades of case studies, research, and testimonials.

With experiential wisdom and refreshing humor, Lila Devi – founder of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences, the oldest essence line in the U.S. – presents this treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of your pets’ lives. Free from mental blocks, doubt, skepticism, and placebo effects, animals respond even more readily than people to flower essences: herbal tinctures that awaken your pets’ most happy and positive behaviors. This fascinating guidebook is a must for animal lovers.

Learn How to Improve Your Animal Friends’ Lives Through:

  • ”Theme essences” for understanding their personalities—and yours!
  • ”Plot essences” to help them adjust to the world of domestication, while supporting their Nature-based intelligence
  • Handy reference charts to simplify essence selection.

Lila Devi

Lila Devi (lee-lah day-vee) is the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences, the oldest flower essence line within the U.S. and globally outside the U.K. since 1977. An engaging seminar leader with over 38 years’ experience, Lila lectures nationally and abroad. Through experiential wisdom, humor, and music, she brings an expansive view of people, plants, and animals to her programs, radio shows, and television appearances.

She has authored 4 books spanning 4 different genres: The Essential Flower Essence Handbook (considered a holistic classic, first published in 1996) and Flower Essences for Animals (a guide to helping our beloved pets know the highest quality of life through natural pet care)—both in several languages and the texts for the SiNE Home Study Courses; Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate, the first in a series of 20 children’s picture books, also in several languages, each personifying the uplifting quality of a flower essence as a little girl or boy who enjoys a cathartic adventure at a juncture of reality and fantasy; and her latest book, a spiritual memoir entitled From Bagels to Curry: A Jewish Yogi’s Journey Through the Passing of a Parent.

A graduate with honors from the University of Michigan, Lila holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, psychology, and a secondary teaching certificate, and is considered one of the foremost flower essence developers in the world today. Drawing on her skills as a writer of songs, poetry, and plays and on her talent as a musician—vocalist, guitarist, and composer—her classes present a refreshing approach to Nature and an awareness of human nature.

Lila’s articles on natural health and expanded consciousness with flower essences—herbal infusions that stimulate our positive qualities—have been published in magazines internationally. Some comments from clients: “Thanks you for once again talking with me about my dog Lily. You have helped me make loving choices for her and also assisted me in this long grief process. Thanks for understanding and caring—and for walking me through a hard time and not judging me. You were so kind and loving to a stranger. Warmest regards, Shari.” And: “You definitely have a gift with helping people. I feel like my whole body is calming down. People say how good I’m looking. Talking to you is like talking to a spiritual psyychologist. Francie”

Lila divides her time between Ananda Village near Nevada City, California and Assisi, Italy, as a longtime Ananda resident. More about Spirit-in-Nature can be found at www.Spirit-in-Nature.com, a 200-page website with 21 YouTube videos, monthly blogs, free online books and literature, and other practical information. Here are 2 interviews about the latest book (the first 2 on this page), From Bagels to Curry, at: www.spirit-in-nature.com/learn-more/interviews

“Lila has presented a thorough, well-researched guide to using flower essences for balance and healing effects. Lila shares not only her extensive knowledge of applying flower essence therapy but also her embracing love for the animal kingdom. I encourage anyone looking for more natural means of healing to incorporate the wisdom expressed in these pages.”
Rena Ferreira, D.V.M., Sierra Animal Wellness Center

Ms. Devi’s 20 essences are like an orchestra, and she is like a conductor with very good teamwork. Her love, deep understanding, and insight to animals—substantiated by the behaviorial studies and also energy from the essences—will give us much help. I met Ms. Lila eight years ago. I feel strongly that now Ms. Lila exists with rich fruits of loving energy and flower essences, and I hope the fruits of these flower essences will reach many people.”
Dr. Keiko Sugimoto
Director of Minami Koiwa Pet Clinic, Japan Veterinary for Small Animals Association, and Japan Veterinary and Oriental Medicine Association