Gourmet easy-to-prepare vegetarian dishes! A winning combination that includes 50 main dishes as well as a whole selection of soups, salads, and stunning desserts for a complete meal. This cookbook appeals to everyone, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, whether family or guests. Completely revised, new recipes reflect the most current trends in gourmet cooking.

In this age of greater awareness about the need for more balance in our diet, Simply Vegetarian! offers meatless meals of superior taste. Easy-to-find ingredients and reasonable preparation times accommodate the schedule of the busiest of cooks. The dishes, rich in taste and texture, please even the most sophisticated palate.

  • Features dishes both for the beginning and the advanced cook
  • Includes a wide variety of recipes from many different countries
  • Clear, easy-to-follow directions include preparation time and number of servings
  • Common ingredients that can found in your local market

Nancy Mair

Nancy Mair is an accomplished cooking instructor and professional caterer with more than twenty-five years experience. She co-wrote the renowned cookbook, Simply Vegetarian!, is author of The Intimate Vegatarian and penned a cooking column in Clarity Magazine for three years.

A vegetarian for more than twenty years, Nancy has offered group and individual cooking instruction, helping others to implement a sophisticated style of preparing vegetarian meals. Nancy has also traveled extensively throughout the world to sample and develop regional dishes from different cultures. Her vivid memories and wide ranging experiences have enhanced her creativity and added a unique perspective to her writing.

Formerly a flight instructor and commercial pilot for hot-air balloons, volunteer fire-fighter, advanced first aid instructor, and free-style skier, Nancy now spends her time cooking, writing, and working as a professional landscape designer.

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Have you ever wondered why so many people claim that "Mom’s cooking is best" and why, even if you follow her recipe, it just doesn’t turn out the same? A good recipe is a starting point, but cooking well is more than a matter of technique. There are many intangibles which make the difference in how a meal tastes-your thoughts, your attitudes, your consciousness while you work. You, in fact, are the most important ingredient in any recipe. Food takes on the quality of the person preparing it, and if there is a special relationship between that person and the one being served-the food will show it. The old saying, "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach," contains more subtle truth than many people realize. Food, when prepared with love, satisfies more than the physical appetite. It nurtures on many levels.

Sound like a heavy responsibility? It really isn’t. The best way to do it right is imply to have fun cooking. Just as your philodendron responds to your cheerful words and loving vibrations, so also do the carrots and the rice and the Italian salad dressing. They like to be treated kindly, with respect for what they have to offer. They will give more to you if you give more to them. Even if you are only slicing an apple-pay attention. Do it carefully, lovingly, as well as you can. Enjoy the process as well as the results and the results will be much more delicious.


Introduction to the Revised Edition

When we decided to revise the original cookbook, we did so only to make a good thing better. The first edition, The Ananda Cookbook, has enjoyed four years of success including two years in a row as a book-of-the-month club selection.

But just as a good cook tinkers with a recipe in search of perfection, we decided to update the cookbook offerings to reflect current trends, both vegetarian and mainstream. Simply Vegetarian! is the delightful result. New recipes add to the original sparkle without sacrificing our original goal: a cuisine that appeals to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Vegetarians in search of meals of superior taste will be pleased to include our recipes in their repertoire of fine vegetarian cooking. Non-vegetarians who are moving in the direction of healthier, more balanced diets, will be more than reassured to find that taste and texture combine with imagination to make meatless meals that are a pleasure.

There is no pretence about this cookbook. It does what it says it does by providing complete gourmet meals that are easy to prepare. In fact, we went out of our way to maintain a middle ground of reasonable preparation time. Many of our dishes take 30 minutes or less to prepare. The ingredients are easy to find in your local market, and clear, easy-to-follow directions include preparation time and number of servings.

Simply Vegetarian! comes to you from our community of vegetarians in northern California, our vegetarian restaurant, catering service and retreat center which specializes in vegetarian meals for guests from all over the world. It is the distillation of years of experience putting together meals with loving hearts and hands. In this spirit, we offer you dishes that are simply delicious as well as simply vegetarian.

Nancy Mair
Susan Rinzler

Revised Edition Editors

"It’s not just for vegetarians; it’s loaded with some new flavor combinations and just plain good food."

Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Move over Moosewood. Simply Vegetarian! is bound to be a strong competitor."


"Recipe after recipe for people who just like good food."

Harvey Steiman, “KCBS Kitchen," KCBS Radio, San Francisco

"Simply Vegetarian! is really outstanding!"

A.M. Los Angeles

"Simply Vegetarian! is practical and helpful, and deserves daily use in anyone’s kitchen."

Vegetarian Journal

"Compiled and written by cooking instructor, professional caterer Nancy Mair, Simply Vegetarian! is a collection of vegetarian recipes which all have in common a reasonably brief preparation time (15 to 50 minutes usually), except for a few cases that have a longer cooking time but that allow the chef to accomplish other tasks while the dish is in the oven. From Summer Rice Salad to Stuffed Zucchini, Maple Walnut Pie, Hungarian Noodles and so much more, the dishes offer a wide range of delights and the one-page recipes are laid out in such a manner that ingredients are not listed all at the beginning, but rather each ingredient is listed at the point in preparation in which it is added to the dish, the better to prevent mistakes. A sumptuous and enthusiastically recommended cookbook for busy vegetarians."

The Bookwatch

"Simply Vegetarian! makes you rethink the idea that vegetarian food is blah! Fact of the matter is you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this book."

Reno Gazette-Journal

"Simply Vegetarian! does not demand ‘health-nut’ status of its cooks."

The Regina Leader-Post