Ghost hunting is exciting, but there is much more to it than that! When dealing with the afterlife and metaphysical realities, it helps to have the insights of those who have explored those worlds and returned to enlighten us.  
Yoga is an ancient science that offers answers to many questions related to the supernatural. Learn what the yogis have revealed—tips and techniques—that can help you with your paranormal investigations.
Richard Salva is a longtime yogi. A popular guest on ghost-hunter radio programs, he is author of the critically acclaimed The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. He lives in California.

Richard Salva

Richard Salva is a 35-year expert on reincarnation and yoga philosophy, and has lectured in the United States and in Europe. He has appeared on television and NPR, Clear Channel, and CBS radio. He recently addressed the annual conference of the International Association for Past-Life Regression Research and Therapies. He is a longtime member and minister of Ananda Sangha.

Richard's books, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers, include The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (an in-depth historical study of reincarnation, based on a statement by Paramhansa Yogananda—that Abraham Lincoln had been an advanced Himalayan yogi in a past life, and that he was reborn as the great aviator, Charles Lindbergh) and Walking with William of Normandy (a pilgrimage guide to the Normandy sites of William the Conqueror, who was Yogananda in a past life).

"An awesome book! The Yoga of Ghost Hunting presents a very fresh and unique perspective, and provides helpful information and hints for a spiritual investigation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and what I learned from its pages is invaluable!"

Sandie La Nae, veteran Ghost Hunter, Thin Veil Investigators, author of A Ghost Hunter’s Guide for Investigations of the Paranormal

"I am very excited—this is the missing link of ghost hunting. Now people can understand about negative spirits and those that might follow them home, without being fearful. Your book really is the spiritual side of ghost hunting."

Janice Oberding, Ghost Hunt Conference Leader, author of Haunted Nevada

"Insightful, uplifting, and useful. The best information to bring this study of astral spirits into a higher register."

Jamuna Snitkin, minister, teacher, artist