This music is inspired by The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Persia’s classic poem of divine love. The Indian word “raga” refers to the particular set of notes and embellishments that create a mood or “color” of the mind.

Originally conceived as a melody for the poem’s well-loved English translation, the haunting theme expands in Raga Omar Khayyam to seamless sitar and tabla variations in the tradition of India.

"This is a beautiful album for contemplation and meditation. It is a simple but elegant blend of subtle sitar melodies and tabla.

"Lewis Howard provides subtle rhythmic accompaniment for the beautiful melodies that Agni creates on the sitar. It is music that touches the deep inner souls call to the Divine. These melodies are moderately paced, calming and sedate.

"The recording is unique and important, inspiring, moving, and beautiful. It’s an album you can return to time and time again, always refreshing, always compelling, no matter how many times it is heard."

Alternate Music Press

"…uses the trance-casting abilities of the sitar and tabla to take the listener on a magic carpet of sound to Indian sounscapes of ageless beauty and deep spiritual essence. Very relaxing and recommended to lovers of Indian/sitar music."

"—Omega Directory

"Inspired by The Rubaiyat, the soothing sounds of sitar and tabla unwind in sinuous rhythms that speak volumes about sand and sun and hot desire."

PJ’s Picks, Resources for Retailers

"A sublime and mystical journey into the world of classic Indian music…I really enjoyed this recording–a lot. The atmosphere the music created was perfect. I would imagine that this music would also be ideal for massage, body work, relaxation, or even meditation…It’s a rich listening experience for fans of Indian music or others who want to broaden their horizons of relaxing and contemplative music."

Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

"What makes this album very appealing is that it has a melodic structure that Westerners can easily recognize and understand. Traditional Eastern raga can be foreign sounding if one is not familiar with that type of music. In Raga Omar Khayyam, we have a beautifully done, successful blend of Eastern and Western musical traditions."

Michael Moryc, Matrix