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  • Solving Stress

    Solving Stress teaches you how to reduce present street, reverse harmful effects of past stress, and prevent most future stress. You’ll step out of the stress cycle, recover your personal well-being, and transform your relationship with the demands of an active life.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Song of the Nightingale

    Relax into the stillness of inner peace. Sit back, close your eyes, and let this music wash over you, filling you with peace. Release the stress of daily life by absorbing these soothing songs.

    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Songs of Good Cheer

    A collection of uplifting holiday music, performed by a five-person group of joyful carolers known as The Victorian Singers.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Songs of the Soul

    Songs of the Soul CD by Swami Kriyananda. Newly re-mastered digital recording!
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh

    Extensive and convincing historical evidence of reincarnation.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Soul Songs

    Soul Songs CD by Swami Kriyananda. Newly re-mastered digital recording!
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Space, Light, and Harmony

    The true story of the evolution of a home—from initial planning to interior decorating—that serves as a powerful metaphor for personal development.

    $17.00 List price$15.30 Online
  • The Spirit of Gardening

    Learn to design a garden that will give you more balance and harmony in your life, a garden that will nurture your spirit and fulfill your personal needs.
    $15.00 List price$13.50 Online
  • Spiritual Growth Books

  • Spiritual Yoga

    Higher Awareness Through Ananda Yoga: A right balance between science and art, and between self-effort and grace, along with a living relationship with Spirit
    $24.95 List price$22.45 Online
  • Stand Unshaken!

    Stand Unshaken! offers inspiration and practical guidance on how to live courageously during these turbulent times. Preorder today!
  • Stories of Swamiji

    This is the story of a young man who, in the midst of a spiritual quest, had the good fortune to encounter a great man of God, Swami Kriyananda.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online