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  • The Story Behind the Story

    Step "behind the scenes" and explore the inspirations that led Swami Kriyananda to each of his first 80-plus books, from the one that started it all to some that are more recent.
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  • Swami Kriyananda As We Have Known Him

    "I feel more love from you than I do from my own family . . ."
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  • A Tale of Songs

    As you read this book and listen to these extraordinary songs, allow the subtle energies within them to open your heart and transform your awareness—until you merge with the divine melody that underlies all of life.
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  • Thou Art My Life CD

    Thou Art My Life features chants written by Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda. They are performed by Ramesha Nani, co-director of Ananda Music Worldwide.
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  • Thou Art With Me

    Psalm 23 is one of the most mystical passages in the Bible. This 20-minute guided visualization of Psalm 23 in the chakras helps us to unlock its great healing power, and to feel God’s transformative and comforting presence in all areas of our lives.
  • Through Many Lives

    A captivating time-travel adventure, based on the revolutionary “cycles of time” or “yuga” theory propounded by Paramhansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar.
  • Through Many Lives CD

    This album conveys the peace and inspiration that the audience was lifted to throughout the performance. Each track will take you deeper and deeper into a state of calmness, bathing your soul in a fountain of inner joy.
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  • Through The Chakras

    In this spellbinding saga, you will join Sabella Lovingheart as she travels through the Valley of the Seven Golden Pyramids—each of which represents one of the seven chakras.

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  • Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond

    In 2047 Ascending Treta Yuga, Sabella Lovingheart is nearing the close of her life, when the High Council of earth asks her to complete one final, important mission. Her assignment is to explore the universally misunderstood realities of death and dying.
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  • The Time Tunnel

    This story explores life-enhancing spiritual truths through the eyes of two young boys, including how to find true happiness and what values are important. Donny and Bobby develop a foundation for wisdom that can help them throughout life.

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  • Touch of Joy

    This powerful collection of spiritual writings will change your life by guiding you through inspiration and new perspectives for facing life’s challenges and living a life in joy.
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