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  • Awake Into Light

    Awake Into Light: Group Chanting led by Swami Kriyananda CD. Newly re-mastered digital recording!
    $16.00 List price$14.40 Online
  • Awaken to Superconsciousness

    A fresh, revolutionary approach to finding inner peace and expansive joy. Learn how to purposely enter states of raised consciousness and enlightenment.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Balance Your Emotions DVD

    Heart-chakra energy is a powerful force that can lead you to the highest happiness. Emotional overreaction can hijack that energy, but these classes will show you how to take charge of this vital resource.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • The Beatitudes

    This offering of a new interpretation of the Beatitudes, by Swami Kriyananda (J.Donald Walters), can be used for daily inspiration or meditation to bring timeless wisdom into your life.
  • The Bhagavad Gita

    This translation of the Gita brings alive the deep spiritual insights and poetic beauty of the famous battlefield dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna.
    $11.95 List price$10.75 Online
  • Blessed Lanfranc

    Highlights scores of fascinating similarities (and important differences) between these two famous incarnations of a great spiritual master.
    $19.95 List price$17.95 Online
  • Bliss Chants

    According to ancient yoga teachings, happiness in its highest form is pure Bliss. The chants on this recording will help you feel this more deeply.
    $16.95 List price$15.25 Online
  • Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate

    These beautifully illustrated books are a charming way to share positive character qualities with children six years and older. Much like an affirmation repeated before sleep when the subconscious mind is highly receptive to positive thoughts, these books make excellent bedtime stories.
  • Bradley Banana and The Jolly Good Pirate (unabridged) CD

    An audio book-companion to the beautifully illustrated book Bradley Banana and the Jolly Good Pirate—a charming way to share positive character qualities with children six years and older.
  • Build Inner Strength

    Ananda Yoga Series Volume 5: Increase your willpower, gain inner flexibility, awaken the heart’s power, and access divine strength in these four classes with Nayaswami Gyandev.
    $29.95 List price$26.95 Online
  • El Camino de la Felicidad

    En esta obra, Paramhansa Yogananda ofrece una visión dinámica de la verdadera felicidad, una visión basada en la comprensión que se encuentra en nuestro interior.
    $9.95 List price$8.96 Online