Revised edition with bonus track: Healing Affirmations in AUM

Psalm 23 is one of the most mystical passages in the Bible. This 20-minute guided visualization of Psalm 23 in the chakras helps us to unlock its great healing power, and to feel God’s transformative and comforting presence in all areas of our lives. Many people use this powerful healing visualization over and over again.

This healing session begins with the mystical Psalm of David, sung by Mary Kretzmann, and is followed by “Psalm 23 in the Chakras,” which employs one of the most concise scriptural passages regarding the inner journey toward enlightenment.

The late Timothy Kretzmann gives a moving recitation of Psalm 91, the Soldier’s Psalm, which has been used for divine protection in battle and in other times of danger. Many miraculous stories have been reported after using this psalm. Edgar Cayce, the renowned seer, said that Jesus sang this psalm with his apostles at the Last Supper, to protect them during the events that were soon to unfold. (The background music for this psalm is “Brave Were the People” by Swami Kriyananda.)

 “Healing Affirmations in AUM” is a soothing closing after the psalms, or it can be used as a powerful “stand-alone” healing session. Simply relax and receive the AUM vibrations and affirmations. This track is also deeply healing when played softly at night as a soothing aid for peaceful sleep. AUM is another word for the AMEN or “Word” mentioned in the Gospel of St. John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The Healing Affirmations are based on the words of Paramhansa Yogananda and spoken by Mary Kretzmann and Kent White, both long-term healing prayer ministers. Swami Kriyananda’s voice is deeply resonant in the recording of AUM, which is profoundly healing even on its own. This track is designed to be inspiring, as well as comforting, suitable before sleep or upon awakening. It is also helpful before, during and after surgery for it helps one feel secure in God’s healing Light.

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Mary Kretzmann

Mary Kretzmann has served for many years on the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, including extensive counseling, writing, teaching, and energy healing. Her experience has served to deepen her natural, intuitive understanding of spiritual healing, and her ability to guide others in taking their own powerful steps in self-healing.

Mary moved to Ananda Village in 1978, and with her husband, Tim, raised their family of three children. In her early years at Ananda, she began to explore Yogananda's healing techniques very deeply with a small, dedicated group who were praying for others. She felt inspired to put more energy into this healing ministry, developing it from its humble beginnings into what is now the Ananda Healing Prayer Council with over 650 members worldwide. Each of these members receives a list of three people to pray for each month.

Mary shares her insights and inspirations through the classes she teaches on Energy Healing Techniques. She is an active blogger on healing and family issues on Scribd. Her website is Finding God in Your Family.

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how special this CD is. I listened to it at length several years ago when it first came out, and then gave it to a friend who was in need of comfort. I’ve recently reordered it and listen to it almost every day as I drive to work (23 miles each way to a wildlife refuge in the middle of nowhere). Each time it speaks to me in a new way.”