Maximum Benefit, Minimum Time – Perfect for Beginners

Short on time but still want to experience the benefits of yoga? Then Yoga for Busy People is for you! Featuring three 25-minute routines, this video is perfect for people of all ages and levels of fitness, and for any time of the day. Each routine is complete in itself, and targets a special need–vitality, calmness, or inner harmony.

  • Feeling tired or need to jump start the day? In just a few short minutes, the Vitality routine is sure to reinvigorate.
  • Wound up after a long day at work? In just a few minutes, the Calmness routine will restore a sense of inner peace and well being.
  • Feeling edgy, angry, moody, or scattered? The routine for Inner Harmony will change that in minutes.

Each routine ends with a relaxing guided visualization that can serve as a bridge to deeper meditation practices or be enjoyed by itself as a peaceful ending to a postures session.

Ananda Yoga for Busy People with Lisa Powers and Gyandev McCord

Features three 25-minute routines:

  • Routine 1: Vitality
  • Routine 2: Calmness
  • Routine 3: Inner Harmony

Ananda Yoga® videos offer gentle, user-friendly yoga postures with clear explanations and relaxing background music. The routines are presented by instructors with real-life bodies and a down-to-earth style. Designed to benefit you on many levels–physical, mental, and emotional–Ananda Yoga® also helps you tune into your body’s subtle energy flows, ultimately taking you beyond the body to the deeper spiritual underpinnings of all yoga practices.

Special DVD Bonus:

An interview with Lisa Powers about the power and benefits of yoga, and how and why to incorporate yoga into your daily life. Also with the DVD version you can instantly select the routine you wish to practice.

Gyandev McCord

Nayaswami Gyandev (Gyandev Rich McCord, Phd) is the worldwide Director of Ananda Yoga and the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training programs at The Expanding Light Yoga & Meditation Retreat. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford University in Applied Mathematics and has taught internationally on the subjects of yoga, meditation and yoga philosophy for over 16 years. He also served as General Manager for Ananda Publications and Dawn Publications for three years and as a Management Consultant for four years in the Silicon Valley.

Nayaswami Gyandev has served on the Board of Directors of the Yoga Alliance, the group of yoga schools and traditions which has recently developed comprehensive standards for yoga teachers in the United States. He is also an accomplished storyteller, focusing on epic dramas from mystic traditions.

Nayaswami Gyandev's philosophy about yoga practice is that, "It should give valuable benefits on many levels - physical, mental, emotional - and that its highest purpose is to tune practitioners into their own body's subtle energy flows. This allows a practitioner to experience the full spiritual dimension of each posture, thus expanding the benefits of yoga beyond the body, into the mind and soul."

Lisa Powers

Lisa Powers is a certified Ananda Yoga Teacher and has taught yoga, meditation, and chanting seminars for over 18 years to professional organizations and private groups. She is also a teacher for the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Expanding Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat. She has a BA in Television and Film Production and manages pilgrimage tours to the holy sites of Italy and India.

Lisa has coordinated international trade shows and worked with sales and foreign rights for motivational and inspirational books. With her husband she has run an international antiquities business of Roman Period to 18th Century objects; specializing in Renaissance Era arms and armor as art, and scientific instruments.

Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998 and is today completely free of cancer. She states that, "Yoga has helped me to heal very deeply - I realized that I was afraid of dying and afraid of treatment. When I accepted that there were things I couldn't control, I relaxed and was better able to accept my present situation. I began swimming with the current, not against it. At this point a deep peace flooded my being and I was no longer afraid. This was the turning point that opened the door for other solutions to come. Looking back I recognized that the philosophy and practice of yoga was deeply ingrained within me and was a sustaining force."

“I have been doing Yoga for Busy People for four years now. I have tried other Yoga DVDs but I always come back to this one.”
Nelly Bailey, Northern Territory, Australia