For those experiencing menopause or pre- or post-menopausal symptoms, Yoga for Menopause gives the keys you need for restoring a sense of balance. Learn how hormonal changes affect the body, and how yoga postures help alleviate many symptoms and promote an overall sense of well being.

The 38-minute gentle, guided practice session teaches yoga postures to help:

  • Stimulate the production of natural hormones to control mood swings and hot flashes.
  • Improve posture, strength, mobility and flexibility.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to control urinary incontinence.
  • Achieve deep relaxation.

DVD bonus materials:

  • Breathing technique designed to help cool-down hot flashes
  • Instruction on anatomy and how to develop good body posture
  • An interview with Barbara and Lennie on how yoga is beneficial for the symptoms and potential problems associated with menopause.
  • Two separate audio tracks for the main yoga routine: one with more detailed explanation of each pose and its benefits, the other with less explanation of each pose and its benefits, the other with less explanation, ideal for use after the viewer is comfortable with the routine.

Lennie Martin, R.N. and Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in women’s health, is the author of Taking Charge of the Change.

Barbara Bingham is a physical therapist and a certified Ananda Yoga® teacher. She teaches yoga at The Expanding Light Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Northern California.

Barbara Bingham

Barbara Bingham is the exceptional photographer and editor of the Crystal Hermitage Gardens, and also contributed an extensive number of photographs to Space, Light & Harmony: The Story of Crystal Hermitage. She has also worked for Ananda for many years as a graphic designer. Barbara is a certified yoga instructor, a long-time staff member of the Expanding Light Retreat, and leads several Ananda Yoga & Energization videos. She is the mother of two grown daughters, one of whom is also a yoga instructor. She and her husband Dave reside at Ananda Village.

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