Spiritual Renewal: A Collection

Books for Spiritual Growth
“An easy life is not a victorious life.” Paramhansa Yogananda
Painting by Nayaswami Jyotish

The Entire Spiritual Renewal Collection


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For those embarking on the great spiritual journey that is life and for those deepening their dedication to the spiritual path. This collection is also useful for meditation and yoga teachers to share wisdom and guidance with those whose lives they help inspire.

What You Will Receive in the Spiritual Growth Collection

4 books, 1 Special Edition Gift, 1 MP3 Music Album, & 1 Song Download

Stand Unshaken! (special edition gift)

Daily Inspiration for Living Fearlessly

Stand Unshaken! offers daily inspiration and practical guidance on how to live courageously during these turbulent times. Each secret of living fearlessly (one for each day of the month) is paired with a beautiful painting by Nayaswami Jyotish. These pairings create an environment in which you can absorb each message in a more receptive and uplifted state of consciousness.

Awaken your power to live in joy whatever your outward circumstances, and to bring that joy to others. Stand unshaken and you will be a light unto the world.

Included in this special offer

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Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life (book)

How to Eliminate Self-Defeating Patterns and Attract True Success

In her book Naidhruva Rush explores the spiritual forces that, in addition to our thoughts, work synergistically to produce a powerful magnetic field, which attracts to us material success and whatever else we need to live a fulfilled and inspired life.

Based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Ms. Rush presents, through case studies, the twelve character traits we can develop and apply daily while working toward our goals and living our lives.

Included in this special offer

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Secrets of Spiritualizing Your Daily Life (book)

Swami Kriyananda

This concise book brilliantly encapsulates the essential keys to spiritualizing your daily life with seed thoughts for each day of the month. Each affirmation is presented in a straightforward manner that allows the reader to repeat and remember it before starting their day. This potent guide to spiritual development will help readers tap the well-spring of joy and inner peace within them, and share it throughout their day.

This little book can change your life. Open it to any page to unlock the hidden power within you.

Included in this special offer

Purchase Individually for $15.25 (online)

How to Awaken Your True Potential (book)

The Wisdom of Yogananda Volume 7

Every soul is on a journey of self-discovery. The length of the journey depends on the choices we make. We can cooperate with the flow of God’s positive influence within us—or we can resist and cling to our familiar limitations and habits—the choice is ours.

Paramhansa Yogananda, one of the most loved and respected yoga masters of our time, offers you compassionate and powerful encouragement to “go upstream toward lasting happiness.” As he says, “The perfect image of God within you is distorted by your mental restlessness…Learn to calm your mental waves by the magic wand of super-concentration, and you will behold, undistorted, your perfect all-conquering ability.”

In this practical and profoundly inspiring book, laced with Yogananda’s characteristic humor and humanity, you will find instructions for how to realize your highest Self.

Included in this special offer

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Awaken to Superconsciousness (book)

How to Use Meditation for Inner Peace, Intuitive Guidance, and Greater Awareness

Through meditation, chanting, affirmation, and prayer, Swami Kriyananda teaches us how to reach the superconscious state of awareness successfully and regularly.

The book includes expanded knowledge of the ancient yoga tradition, details on how to attain inner peace, and inspiring meditative exercises. Discover your individual wellspring of creativity, unlock your intuitive guidance, and learn how to hear the silent voice of your soul.

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AUM: Mantra of Eternity (music album)

Swami Kriyananda

Aum (pronounced OM) is the sound that emanates from the heart of creation, bringing consciousness into outer manifestation, maintaining it, and dissolving it back again, finally, into Infinite Spirit. This sound is the “Word” of the New Testament. It is the “Amen” of the Book of Revelation. In India, this cosmic sound was given the name AUM.

By attuning one’s consciousness to this sound, one enters the stream of vibration that proceeded out of Spirit, and that emerges back into the Spirit at creation’s end and at the end of the individual soul’s cycle of outward wandering. By merging in AUM, liberation is attained.

Included in this special offer

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Amazing Grace (single mp3)

Song recorded by Ram

This is a single from Tyagi Ram "Robert" Smith's album, Spirituals of America: Songs that Inspire the Soul's Awakening! 2014. Directed by Swami Kriyananda.

Purchase Full Album Separately for $15.25 (online)

“Never lose hope. Your soul, being a reflection of the ever joyous spirit, is, in essence, happiness itself.” Paramhansa Yogananda

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