“Life is glorious; life is beautiful, if you will only find God beneath the debris of matter. God is hidden behind the moon and the sun and the stars. There is no other way to uncover God except by real devotion and meditation.”

— Paramhansa Yogananda, from the book
Karma & Reincarnation

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Thou Art With Me

Thou Art With Me
Psalm 23 in the Chakras - A Healing Visualization

Mary Kretzmann

Psalm 23 is one of the most mystical passages in the Bible. This 20-minute guided visualization of Psalm 23 in the chakras helps us to unlock its great healing power, and to feel God’s transformative and comforting presence in all areas of our lives.

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Chakras for Starters

Chakras for Starters
Unlock the Hidden Doors to Peace & Well-Being

Savitri Simpson

This recording offers a clear explanation of what the chakras are and how they function, and includes hands-on guided meditations and visualizations.

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