How to Meditate
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How to Meditate How to Meditate
A step-by-step guide
to the Art & Science of Meditation
by Jyotish Novak
Jyotish Novak

Jyotish Novak is a close friend and student of Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. In 1968, Swami Kriyananda founded Ananda World-Brotherhood Village near Nevada City, California. Jyotish is a founding member of this yogic community, which is one of the most successful intentional communities in the world. He is also, along with his wife Devi, the Spiritual Director for Ananda Worldwide. As head of the Ananda Monastic Order, he offers spiritual guidance to hundreds of dedicated seekers in the various Ananda communities around the world. An inspiring teacher, he has spoken throughout the United States and Europe on spiritual subjects and yogic concepts. He is the author of several books on meditation and related subjects.

Jyotish and his wife live in Ananda World-Brotherhood Village.

Jyotish Novak author of How to Meditate
Jyotish Novak
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