How to Meditate
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Energization Exercises DVD Energization Exercises DVD
A step by step guide
With Swami Kriyananda & Barbara Bingham

This powerful set of exercises, energizes the body, develops the will and attunes the mind for spiritual upliftment.
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Introduction to the Energization Exercises

The Energization Exercises, as taught in the Ananda Course in Self-Realization, are a wonderful system of exercises originated by Paramhansa Yogananda. They are, undoubtedly, his unique contribution to the science of yoga.

Based on ancient teachings and eternal realities, Yogananda explains that the whole physical universe, including man, is surrounded by, and made of cosmic energy. We can, through the act of our will, release tension that blocks the energy flow to our body and mind, and draw on this infinite storehouse of life-force all around us. Through daily use of these exercises we can systematically recharge our bodies with greater energy and train our minds to understand the true source of that power.

Barbara Bingham teaches the Energization Exercises during a comprehensive 34 minute session. Then Swami Kriyananda leads the Energization Exercises during a Kriyaban Retreat at Ananda Village, 1991.

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