How to Arise from Your Dreams of Littleness and Awaken to Your Own Omnipresent Nature

Awaken to Your Own Omnipresent Nature

The little centuries of human years are but days, nay, a few hours, in God’s consciousness. Wake up! Arise from dreams of littleness to the realization of the vastness within you. You are dreaming that you are a big bee, buzzing around the poisoned honey of blossoming sense-lures.

Come, I will show you that you are the eternal fire, drinking with countless mouths the nectar-bliss hidden in the honeycombs of all hearts and all things. Feed no more your human habits with delusive human actions.
Instead, meditate constantly and love God all the time, so that your own omnipresent nature may be revived in your consciousness, displacing body-bound, sense-bound beliefs and habits.
Carry God in Your Heart Day and Night
Learn to love God as the joy felt in meditation. Victory is very near. Choose only good paths before you start hastily racing. Think of God as you start on the path of your material or spiritual duty. Think of God with each footfall of your advancing feet on your path.
Invoke God as power in the temple of consciousness during the day. Let every word and action be tinged with God-love intoxication. Talk and act sensibly, yet be drunk with God, and let every action of daily life be a temple of God’s presence. Perform every action to please Him, and in the shrine of every action, every thought, God will glisten.
Carry your love of God deep into your heart before you go to sleep, so that when you dream, you may dream of Him resting on the altar of sleep. When you go to sleep, God embraces you to His bosom as peace and joy. You are sleeping locked in His arms of tranquility. So, before you fall asleep, think that you are going to embrace Him as peace in sleep and dreams.
Hold on to Your Spiritual Treasure of Joy
Enthrone peace and joy in your own heart. Feel joy no matter whom you meet or what you do. If you can do this, though the universe shatters to nothingness or your body is torn by trials, you will find Him dancing in your memory always.
Hold on to your spiritual treasure of joy. Culture it by instilling it in other hearts. Never surrender your joy to the robbers of worry or selfishness. Hold on to your joy, no matter if death frowns at your door, or your own subconscious mind tells you, “All is lost.”
Drown all noises with the silence of your invincible joy, and you will feel God reigning on the altar of every thought and feeling. You will find that evil and misery were your own dream creations.
You slept and dreamt a nightmare of evil; you wake in God and feel only joy and virtue existing everywhere.
Excerpted from How to Awaken Your True Potential by Paramhansa Yogananda.
For more information on or to purchase How to Awaken Your True Potential, please click HERE.

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