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Transitioning in Grace

A Yogi's Approach to Death and Dying

Balance Your Emotions DVD

The Ananda Yoga Series Volume 10

Secrets of Spiritualizing Your Daily Life

The Answer DVD

A True Story

Visits to Saints of India

Sacred Experiences and Insights

Secrets of Health and Healing

Eastern Thoughts, Western Thoughts

The Four Stages of Yoga

How to Lead a Fulfilling Life

Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond

Adventures in the Lokas of Immortality

Touch of Joy

A Yogi's Guide to Lasting Happiness

Deep Nature Play

A Guide to Wholeness, Aliveness, Creativity, and Inspired Learning

Stories of Yogananda’s Youth

True Episodes from the Boyhood of the Author of Autobiography of a Yogi

Solving Stress

The Power to Remain Cool and Calm Amidst Chaos

The Physics of God

Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience, and Transcendence

Secrets of Success and Leadership

The Man Who Refused Heaven

The Humor of Paramhansa Yogananda
The Wisdom of Yogananda, Volume 8

A Healer's Handbook

Channeling the Light of Yogananda and Christ

Blessed LanFranc

The Past Life of Swami Sri Yukteswar,
Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda

Stories of Swamiji

Experiences with Swami Kriyananda - A Great Modern Saint and Direct Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda

El Nuevo Sendero

Mi vida con Paramhansa Yogananda

How to Love and Be Loved

The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda, Volume 3

Secrets of Meditation and Inner Peace

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness

The Meaning of Dreaming

The Deeper Teachings of Yoga on Why We Dream as Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda

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