Swami Kriyananda, Lightbearer

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In the early 1970s, Swami Kriyananda asked Asha to start taking notes for the book he knew she would someday write. He explained himself to her in a way he did to only a few others. Since then, she was in constant contact with him, as a devotee, friend, personal assistant, and eventually, a spiritual teacher in her own right.

It’s a rare gift to live with a true teacher. Experience it for yourself, as Asha brings you into meetings, conversations, personal counseling, living rooms, classrooms, long walks, meetings, and meditations.

Swami’s life was a triumphant life, but not an easy one. Plagued by ill-health, financial challenges, and years of bitter estrangement from fellow disciples, his life story is told in the struggle as well as the victory. A great soul incarnates to awaken faith in our own spiritual potential. Asha writes, “A great wave of Divine Light is sweeping over the planet. If you tune in to that Light, you, too, will become an instrument of that Light.”

This first-hand account of life with Swami Kriyananda is more than a biography. It’s a guidebook for spiritual living, a path of light that all may follow. And it’s a labor of love by Asha that has been 44 years in the making.

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Mert Molina
Swami Kriyananda Lightbearer

The book provides the history of the expanding light retreat center. There are a lot of pictures. The story is easy to follow and exciting.

Paul Staley
Deeply inspiring and eye-opening

I have read "Lightbearer" several times now. It is both deeply inspiring and eye-opening. I lived at the Village in the early years and I am astounded at how much of Swami's consciousness went right over my head!

The Light of a Great Soul

Kudos to Asha Nayaswami, who give us a fascinating look at a great soul, Swami Kriyananda, founder of the worldwide Ananda spiritual community. The author, who moved to the original Ananda Village in northern California as a 24-year-old spiritual aspirant, spent over 40 years with this great spiritual figure, until his death in 2013. Swamiji, as his friends called him, was a transcendent being, filled with kindness, compassion, and love. His intuition was uncanny, as was his total dedication to God and his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. He had one desire, to become a perfected Master, a completely free soul, and to help others to accomplish the same goal. Asha includes many inspirational stories and uplifting moments within Swamiji's numinous life. It's a long read but a very worthwhile read--this is a book that could well change your life!

April Bryson
Swami Kriyananda in detail

This is a long book of 680 pages, which I love! It includes several color photographs. Swami Kriyananda’s life is told, in detail, with Asha’s own wisdom and understanding. I haven’t quite finished it yet since I’ve been slowly savoring it, and a full review would be a small book in itself. But what really stands out for me is the similarities I have with Swamiji- his whole life was a series of unending challenges, adversities, and persecutions. Asha explains how this is not always due to karma for something you did wrong, but “there is another kind of karma: to attract negativity because of the good you are doing. It is a mark of success, not failure. Darkness against light. This kind of karma is called persecution.” Swamiji also had many severe health challenges, which I have also had from a young age, including heart and arrhythmia problems. So I really feel a kinship with him in many ways, and it’s very helpful to read about how he not only overcame these adversities, but he used them in a positive way to ultimately gain his own liberation. Thank you so much, Asha, for writing this book! It really is about Darkness versus Light, and how Light won because of the way Swami Kriyananda used his free will.

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