Awake and Ready: How to Work with Energy and Motivate Anyone

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Parents and teachers often act as though offering a “reasonable explanation” to a child about staying calm and focused will resolve a problem or situation. However, reason or logic is not usually helpful for a child’s learning or ability to achieve a calm state, as you will see in this book. What does work is techniques to change the flow of energy. The first step is to recognize the flow of energy that makes us happy, and that is engagement in something meaningful, not, as often thought, excitement.

Awake and Ready is based on yogic principles, taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, on energy and form, but most importantly, how to apply those principles practically. This is a book with real-life experiences that illustrate different keys to working with energy. You will find suggestions that ease tensions, improve your relationships, and create a happier environment whether in your home, workplace, and/or classroom.

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"In this book Usha Dermond introduces the reader to the profound insights of Education for Life. Using fresh, personal illustrations from her many years of teaching experience, she shows us how to bring energy, enthusiasm, and joy into our work."
--Nitai Deranja, President of Education for Life International

"Awake and Ready picks up on the subtleties of how to apply the principles of Superconscious Living in a practical way. This is a very important book not only for teachers but for people who are on this path and live in spiritual community."
--Nayaswami Parvati

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Wong
Practical and Uplifting Life Guidance

Susan Dermond captures the essence of cultivating energy so that it can be a source of a more fulfilling life. . . on a daily basis! Her stories are delightful and illustrate a conscious, thoughtful way of navigating this chaotic world.

April Bryson
Good for all relationships

This book has a way of raising your energy and happiness in general, just by reading it! Many people raise their kids by talking about God and religion too much (God is watching, you must behave!). This book shows how to raise kids without ever saying anything about that, but simply being a living example of one who has wisely meditated and walked the spiritual path. Exactly what I myself was searching for as a child.
Since I am not a teacher, and all my kids are now grown, I can still apply these principles not only to myself, but to all my other relationships. It teaches ways to change, uplift, or redirect the energy in a person or group. I do recommend it highly to anyone who is around children, especially parents and teachers.

Practical and inspiring!

The author beautifully illustrates the '8 keys to working with energy' using simple and clear ideas with decades of personal experience working in the education system. Highlighting these principles, or keys, of energy-awareness and how to change the flow of energy makes 'Awake and Ready' a practical tool, not just for educating kids, but a true Self-Help guide for anyone.

Pranav Garg
Usha's Dermond book is stellar

Awake and Ready is very helpful in terms of setting the context of how energy works and how one can uses the EFL principles to motivate from a child or an adult.

NayaswamiPranaba Hansen
A captivating book!

This book offers not only a lot of inspiration, it goes further with providing a variety of stories and examples to actually make this a very practical hands-on approach to not only dealing with children, but everyone, no matter the age!

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