Invoke God's Presence

From Yogoda Course, 1930

Invoke God as power in the temple of consciousness during the day. Let every action and every word that you utter be tinged and tipsy with God-love intoxication. Talk and act sensibly as a man who keeps his senses awake and in command. Be drunk with God and let every action of your daily life be a temple of God’s memory. Perform every action to please Him; and in the indestructible shrine of your devotion God will listen in every thought.

Carry your love of God deep in your heart before you sleep. Cradle it there, so that when you dream you may dream of Him as resting on the fragrant altar of sleep, as Krishna or Christ or Peace or Bliss. In the temple of Sleep or Dreams, feel God as Peace or as ever-new Bliss. Actually, God embraces you on His Bosom as Peace and Joy when you go to sleep in the subconscious chamber of your temple of dreams. Then you are sleeping locked in His Arms of Tranquillity. So, before you fall asleep, realize that you are going to embrace Him in sleep and dreams.

And when you are deeply sleeping or meditating, feel Him embracing you as the Omnipresent Bliss.

The Great Omnipresence touches you in sleep and meditation, and through His Bliss-touch He wants to make you forget your little, painful, worrying memories, mental and physical aches and spiritual agonies, which you garnered during your truant stay in the slums of matter.

Enthrone peace and joy in your heart. Feel that joy, no matter whom you meet and no matter what you do. If you can do this, though the universe shatter itself into nothingness or your soul or body be torn by trials, you will find Him dancing in your memory forever and forever. Let pure joy dance in your memory, and God will dance with you.

Hold fast to your once lost spiritual treasure of joy. Now that it is regained, increase it by giving it freely to others and generously investing it in other hearts. Remember that whatsoever we selfishly keep for self is lost; and whatsoever we freely give in love to others, that treasure cannot be lost but yields its ever- increasing harvest of happiness, world without end.

Worry and selfishness are highwaymen on the roadways of life, and they hold us up and rob us of our wealth of joy and peace. So, determine to hold fast to joy, no matter if death shall frown at your doors or your own subconscious mind may tell you that ”all is lost.” Drown all confusing noises in the silent, sweet harmony of your perfect, invincible joy.

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