Healing Power of Faith by Paramhansa Yogananda, The

No Disease Is Incurable

No disease is incurable. Some diseases are beyond the reach of medicines, which by nature are limited. When a disease is persistent and long lasting, and medical aid and other ordinary methods fail to cure it, it is then called chronic or incurable.

The deficiency in the medicine and its inability to cure are illogically transferred to the disease. The medicine is incurative—so doctors call the disease incurable! But the power of the Infinite is unlimited and can heal all disease.

Medicine has its uses—why deny facts?—but it is confined to certain limits. If a disease is beyond medical aid, that is not the time to despair but rather the time to put your faith in the Infinite Power, who is omnipotent.

Medicine cannot help you if you just talk about it and do not use it; similarly, faith cannot cure unless you use it, and not simply talk about it.

In mental or spiritual healing, one must have faith to “burn the boat and walk on the sea.” Shouldn’t you doubt the aid of limited material forces rather than the power of the Infinite Spirit?

God Is the Most Powerful Healer

Man wants instantaneous healing by God’s power, but he fails to understand that the work of healing lies with himself, and that God never wanted him to be sick in the first place.

God have man the original privilege and free choice to receive rays or to shut them out. God cannot change his law arbitrarily just by the bribery of special ceremonies, blind prayers, or partiality.

He can be moved only by the law and by love. Love is the law. When man has closed the health-power-and-light-giving windows of life and has kept them closed indefinitely, he must himself make the effort to open those windows again and let the freely—willing-to-help, knocking-to-enter Light in.

All physical diseases, psychological inharmonies, and soul maladies born of ignorance come from man’s own mistake of shutting out the rays of God.

Whether man knowingly or unknowingly shut the health-giving windows of life, the logical conclusion is that now he must open them again by self-effort.

Ignorance of the law will not save him from the effects of a law that was broken.

Excerpted from How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality by Paramhansa Yogananda

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